The Forge

The Vohrsoth Forge in 2376.

The Forge was a large space station that was constructed by the Vohrsoth race.

This facility resided in an unknown region of space and generated a powerful dampening field that left starships around it devoid of energy leaving them trapped. The Vohrsoth leader used this as a means of stranding vessels from other species where they were raided and plundered of both genetic material as well as technology.


By the year 2376, the Forge had numerous ships trapped around it which included an Etherian sleeper ship, an Imperial Starfleet Constitution class starship from the mirror universe, a Malon waste barge, a Klingon Bird-of-prey, a Dreadnaught gunship and the USS Voyager. The Forge was ultimately destroyed by the actions of Alexander Munro and the Hazard team. (VOY comic: "Elite Force (comic)", VOY video game: Elite Force (game))

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