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The Vonph-class was a type of starship built by the Iconian Empire to serve as battleships in the Iconian War of 2410. Operated by the Heralds, the Vonph-class was a slow, however incredibly durable and versatile vessel.


The Vonph-class began development at some period before the fall of the Iconian civilization 200,000 years ago. The Vonth were often used as capital ships during fleet actions, and also tasked with defending Iconian installations in contested space. (STO video game: The Iconian War)

After the end of the Iconian War, the Vonph-class was reverse-engineered sufficiently to be used by the forces of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance as dreadnought carriers, even if many of the Iconians' underlying scientific principles are still beyond the understanding of most modern specialists. (


The Vonph-class has a crew complement of 3000 officers. It was equipped with 6 antiproton beam arrays and 1 chroniton torpedo launcher. During the Iconian War, the Vonph-class was equipped with a Solar Flare Gateway console, which creates a solar gateway that fires a focused devastating beam of solar energy, causing significant radiation damage to its target. After having been refitted by the AQA, the Vonph was equipped with an Oblivion Gateway Module, which when activated creates an oblivion gateway which periodically radiates devastating solar radiation. (STO website: Herald Lockbox and Lobi Ships)


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