Emblem of the Dominion.

Dominion Vorta

The Vorta Weyoun

The Vorta were the genetically-enhanced administrators of the Dominion. They are loyal to the Founders, and are assigned to command the Jem'Hadar.

Each Vorta is in charge of distributing a drug known as Ketracel-white among the Jem'Hadar under their command, the event is somewhat of a ritual with the Jem'Hadar pledging their loyalty to the founders before recieving their vials of the drug (DS9 episode To the Death).

The Vorta also posess telekinetic abilities, and are able to generate telekinetic blasts of energy that can knock out humans and disable energy barriers (DS9 episode The Jem'Hadar).

The Vorta care little for the Jem'Hadar under their command, seeing them as no more than tools to get a job done and will quite happily sacrifice them all in order to prolong their own survival (DS9 episode Rocks and Shoals).

The Vorta are cloned by the founders, when one dies, they are replaced by their copy, offering them a kind of immortality. On occasion, a clone is "defective" and does not behave like a typical Vorta, the reason for this is unknown, but any defective Vorta are killed without question (DS9 episode Treachery, Faith, and the Great River).


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