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The Vostigye were a spacefaring civilization in the Delta Quadrant.


They were covered in fur that ranged from orange to russet to tortoiseshell to grayness in old age. They also had large round eyes, muzzles, and grooming pads on their fingertips. Their bodies had an unusual build, with their torsos angled forward and knees bent. It was easier on the joints and back in their native high gravity.


In the past the Vostigye were affected by the Catastrophe, where the gravitation of a passing white dwarf greatly damaged their Birthworld. This caused them to build habitat spheres above the homeworld, and this took most of their concentration rather than building warp drive. They had a low opinion of the Gorenye, the last group to leave their homeworld, but by the 24th century the Gorenye were accepted into Vostigye society.

The USS Voyager was due to rendezvous with a Vostigye science station in 2373, but when it arrived it found the station destroyed by astral eddies. (VOY episode: "Real Life")

Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline, the Vostigye took in the crew of the USS Voyager after it was crippled in an attack by Species 8472, and the crew was able to contribute to their society. Later on they joined the Delta Coalition, and then the United Federation of Planets. (ST - Myriad Universes novel: Places of Exile)


Most did not like to go to the Birthworld, even for those who weren't superstitious. The smell of death was forbidding to them. Probably because of this, they started to take in refugees from other species. However, they were given a set of laws that they needed to follow, with some of them seeming to be restrictive. Nevertheless, the refugees were able to contribute to society. These were accepted by the Progressive coalition of the Vostigye society and government. As of the 24th century, the Vostigye had a vibrant economy, and they could afford to show charity to the helpless, outsiders or their own people. The state even covered the refugees medical needs. While some accepted the refugees, others distrusted them and were resentful, forming the Preservationist party.

Their religious orders formed during the Catastrophe and existed into the 24th century, in which they had several centuries of experience at counseling the bereaved. One such order was the Sisterhood of Solace, which accepted other races as members.


They controlled the Vostigye Union, which was governed by the Overminister of the Vostigye Union.


Their technology was a little less advanced than that of the Federation. Vostigye ships were cylindrical, with gravity pulling outward from the central axis, like their habitats in miniature. Their months were called ronds, with six Earth months equaling just under four ronds. (ST - Myriad Universes novel: Places of Exile)

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