The Voth Fortress Ship was a massive starship type in service to the Voth in the early 25th century. It was the primary source of ground troops in the Battlezone of the Solanae Dyson Sphere. (STO mission: "Secure Voth Points") The Allies were unsure how this 134.5 kilometers long vessel had entered the sphere. (STO mission: "The Breach")


With a length of 134.5km, the Fortress Ship was by far the most massive starship encountered by the Allies in the early 25th century. Its interior was large enough to house a fleet of starships, and it carried Citadel-class dreadnoughts, Bulwark-class battleships, Bastion-class cruisers, and Palisade-class frigates. The interior was large enough to fit a Borg cube inside.

The engineering chamber housed three auxiliary power cores while the primary power core rested in a chamber of its own. A fleet of starships was docked in adjacent shipbays. Another chamber connected these so that ships would be able to move freely from one bay to another. Several Citadel-class dreadnoughts were docked in the dreadnought bay, a separate chamber from the regular shipbays. A corridor winded its way through the ship and allowed access to the engineering and docking bay chambers. (Star Trek Online official website: Season 8 Dev Blog #17, STO mission: "The Breach")


Voth Fortress hologram

Dyson Joint Command hologram of the Fortress ship.

In 2409, at least one Voth Fortress Ship was stationed inside the Solanae Dyson Sphere. The Allies attacked it to disable the ship but could not destroy it because of the incalculable body count and possible damage to the Dyson sphere itself. The mission was led by Commander Schiesser of the Romulan Republican Force. A flotilla a five starships was sufficient to take out the exterior weapon nodes before breaching the hull of the Fortress to gain access to its interior. The USS Bacchus was one of the Allied vessels participating in that endeavor. Inside, the flotilla fought a Voth fleet and moved through interconnected chambers separated by bulkheads large enough to let the flotilla fit through side-by-side. The flotilla targeted and destroyed a starbase-sized power core to disable the Fortress without destroying it, and left through the hull breach. (STO mission: "The Breach")

A holographic projection of the Fortress Ship was displayed in the engineering area of the Dyson Joint Command center. (STO mission: "Circles within Circles")

In 2410 a Fortress Ship was deployed to carry Voth forces to a site where a number of Borg drones had become disconnected from the Collective after the assassination of an incarnation of the Borg Queen the previous year. They were opposed by the Delta Alliance and Borg Cooperative, an Undine task force, and Borg loyal to the Queen. (STO mission: "Borg Disconnected")




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