Vox was a 24th century Romulan individual who had been assimilated by the Borg to serve as a Speaker to the Romulan Empire.

Before his assimilation, he had been a lover of the Romulan Salatrel, and after his assimilation, continued to work with her and her renegade forces, deceiving her into believing the Borg would spare the Romulan Star Empire if Romulan forces aided them in the assimilation of the Federation.

He assisted in her plan to reanimate Captain James T. Kirk to use as a weapon against the Federation, though he felt the plan was inefficent.

He was able to briefly resist the will of the Collective long enough to try and warn Salatrel of the Borg's treachery and convince her to abandon her plans and run, but the Borg soon reasserted control, and Salatrel was too obsessed with her plans for revenge to take his advice.

He died alongside Salatrel when her flagship was destroyed by the USS Monitor. (TOS novel: The Return)

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