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Welcome to the starship Enterprise!

You're an ensign in the Starfleet and you've been assigned to the Enterprise! With Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, you'll explore amazing new worlds. You might rescue an alien race from a deadly disease, or do battle with a Klingon spy, or time travel to another universe. If you make the right choices, you could be a hero and save the Enterprise. But be careful -- or you, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock could all be in terrible danger! Of course, if you don't like the way your story is going, you can always go back and start a new one!


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Robert AprilBlackPavel ChekovEnsign (reader)GroganJames T. KirkJames T. Kirk (mirror)Leonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraNyota Uhura (mirror)Wu

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USS EnterpriseKlingon battle cruiser (unidentified)


Takoi homeworld

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StarfleetTerran Empire

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