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ISS Voyager and crew.

In different permutations of the mirror universe, the regular universe's USS Voyager is one of many starships to have an alternate reality counterpart.

Dark PassionsEdit

After Annika Hansen successfully forced Kira Nerys to resign and abdicate her role as Overseer in 2369, Seven was given a ship by Intendant of Sol B'Elanna Torres, to which Terran slave leader Kathryn Janeway was released.

Seven further placed Janeway's loyal followers - Chakotay, Beverly Crusher, Tom Paris, Robin Lefler, Selar, Harry Kim and Jarem - aboard the ship.

Seven made Janeway the ship's captain and the ship headed off to "right the Universe." (ST novel: Dark Passions, Book Two)

Mirror trilogyEdit


The duplicate Voyager.

In 2370, mirror universe agents employed by Cardassian Gul Rutal crossed into the counterpart universe at Earth Station McKinley, where they downloaded Starfleet's entire blueprints for USS Voyager, and the EMH program. (TOS novel: Spectre)

Late 2374 saw the mirror Jean-Luc Picard oversee construction of the ship at the Goldin Discontinuity. The ship was then launched in 2374 under the command of Rutal. Shortly after, the ship was hurled into the Delta Quadrant by The Caretaker to assist the race called Ocampa. In 2375 whilst still in the vicinity of the Caretaker's Array, the ship met the Talaxian Neelix, who was persuaded to come onboard as a guide, only to realize he'd become a prisoner. Rutal then let the Kazon-Ogla destroy the Array. When the counterpart universe's USS Enterprise-E was located, Rutal sent Ensign Margaret Clark to spy on them, which resulted in Rutal and her minions crossing over universes to trap the Enterprise crew and steal the design of their vessel. (TOS novel: Dark Victory)

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