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Voyager "relaunch" is an unofficial term used to refer to titles for Voyager fiction set after the TV series finale "Endgame".


Post-series novels

Relaunch cast

Relaunch novels

In order of publication.
Title Author Published Year Cover
Homecoming Christie Golden 2003 2377 - 2378 Homecoming.jpg
The Farther Shore Christie Golden July 2003 2378 FartherShore.jpg
Old Wounds Christie Golden November 2004 2378 OldWounds.jpg
Enemy of My Enemy Christie Golden December 2004 2378 EnemyofMyEnemy.jpg
Full Circle Kirsten Beyer April 2009 2378 - 2381 Full Circle.jpg
Unworthy Kirsten Beyer October 2009 2381 Voyager Unworthy.jpg
Children of the Storm Kirsten Beyer May 2011 2381 Children of the Storm cover.jpg
The Eternal Tide Kirsten Beyer August 2012 2381 292px-The Eternal Tide cover.jpg
Protectors Kirsten Beyer January 2014 2381 Star Trek Voyager Protectors.jpg
Acts of Contrition Kirsten Beyer September 2014 2382 Acts of contrition.jpg
Atonement Kirsten Beyer August 2015 2382 Atonement.jpg
A Pocket Full of Lies Kirsten Beyer January 2016 2382 A Pocket Full of Lies.jpg
Architects of Infinity Kirsten Beyer March 2018 2382
To Lose the Earth Kirsten Beyer October 2020 2382 To Lose the Earth