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Between 2256 and 3189, the USS Discovery was under the command of Captains Gabriel Lorca, Christopher Pike, Saru, and Michael Burnham. During Lorca's tenure as captain, Discovery was vital part of ending the Federation-Klingon War in the Alpha Quadrant. In Pike's tenure, Discovery was able to stop Section 31's Control progam from evolving and destroying all organic life. In Saru's and later Burnham's tenure, Discovery was able to help the Federation heal itself from The Burn in the later half of the 32nd century. (DSC episodes: "Context Is for Kings", "Brother", "Far From Home", "That Hope Is You, Part 2")

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November, 2256 
Discovery discovers that the USS Glenn had a catastrophic accident that killed the entire crew. A away team from Discovery discovered a Tardigrade and equipment that was transferred to Discovery before the Glenn was destroyed.(DSC episode: "Context Is for Kings")
Stardate 2136.8–2137.2 
Harry Mudd attempted to steal Discovery and sell it to the Klingons. Mudd was able to use a time crysal 56 times until Burnham, Tyler and Lorca trick into contacting his fiancé Stella and her father Barron Grimes. (DSC episode: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad")


Discovery crash-lands on The Colony, makes contact with the colonists and the courier Zareh. Discovery was then rescued by Commander Burnham who landed in the year 3188 a year before they arrived. (DSC episode: "Far From Home")

Stardate 865211.3 
Discovery travels to Earth to contact Admiral Senna Tal, but is accused of piracy by the United Earth Defense Force. (DSC episode: "People of Earth")