Between 2286 and 2293, the USS Enterprise-A was under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. During his tenure as captain, the Enterprise was a major component in many events of Alpha and Beta Quadrant history, as well as minor, run-of-the-mill missions. Below is a list of all adventures undertaken by the Enterprise over a seven-year period.



Enterprise leaves spacedock. (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: The Voyage Home)
2286, stardate 8719.3–8730.6 
Enterprise intercepts alien creatures secretly. (TOS comic: "Debt of Honor")
2286, stardate 8925.2 
Enterprise leaves drydock. (TOS comic: "Choices!")
2286, stardate 8931.2 
(TOS comic: "When You Wish Upon a Star...!")
2286, stardate 8932.3 
(TOS comic: "Mudd's Magic!")
2286, stardate 8950.1 
(TOS comic: "What Goes Around...")
2286, stardate 8953.7 
(TOS comic: "The Corbomite Effect")
2286, stardate 8954.8 
(TOS comic: "Paradise Lost!")
2286, stardate 8958.6 
(TOS comic: "Past Perfect")
2286, stardate 8960.2 
(TOS comic: "Devil Down Below!")
(TOS comic: "Retrospect")
(TOS - Prey novel: Hell's Heart)
2286, stardate 9212.8 
(TOS comic: "Getaway")
2286, stardate 9219.7 
(TOS comic: "Idol Threats")
2286, stardate 8983.2 
(TOS comic: "The Stars in Secret Influence")
2286, stardate 8987.7 
(TOS comic: "Aspiring to be Angels")
2286, stardate 8994.6 
(TOS comic: "Marriage of Inconvenience")
2286, stardate 9000.0 
(TOS comic: "Haunted Honeymoon")
2286, stardate 9000.4 
(TOS comic: "Hell in a Handbasket")
2286, stardate 9000.8 
(TOS comic: "You're Dead, Jim!")
2286, stardate 9001.3 
(TOS comic: "Old Loyalties")
2286, stardate 9002.8 
(TOS comic: "Finnegan's Wake!")
(TOS novel: Timetrap)
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