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Ship image.


Between 2264 and 2270, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. During his tenure as captain, the Enterprise was a major component in many events of Alpha Quadrant history, as well as minor, run-of-the-mill missions. Below is a list of all adventures undertaken by the Enterprise during the second year of the historic five-year mission, during 2266-2267.


The Enterprise shaken by a cosmic storm

Stardate 20:0605

Medical personnel rescued an escape pod but couldn't save its pilot from a deadly infection, discovering that his people on Zargot were suffering from a plague. A cure was believed possible using herbs from a neighboring planet, so Captain Kirk took a shuttlecrawler to the surface of Coltac. While harvesting the herbs, they repelled two large dinosaurs with phaser fire. Doctor Leonard McCoy and Ixta succeeded in making an antidote. (TOS comic: "Target: Zargot")

Stardate 20:16.45

Infectious pollen on Crucial III incited Hurst's landing party to mutiny, exiling Kirk and McCoy in the damaged Space Bug 7. They made a rough landing on Vultra, where military leader Zella warned of an extinction-level crisis, but rather than ask for help, he and his science advisor commandeered the space wagon and fled the planet. The Enterprise's first officer, Commander Spock, cured the mutineers with an antitoxin, and Hurst immediately set out to rescue Kirk and McCoy. Before leaving, Kirk provided the Vultrans with engine modifications to create viable starships out of existing spaceships so their civilization could find a new homeworld. (TOS comic: "The Crucial Element")
Stardate 24.09.45 - 25.00.10
This period saw the Enterprise hit by a cosmic storm generated by a supernova; the starship rode out the storm without incident, but after Spock noticed a problem with the star camera and had the ship's repair wagons launched to conduct repairs. Jackson, aboard one of the wagons, noticed the Enterprise had entered orbit of a planet which the Enterprise's computers had not detected. Captain Kirk ordered the wagons back aboard and the ship's computers disconnected to try and fix their problems, but as the crew attempted to carry out the order they found the computer resisting, and received a message commanding them to stop. The Enterprise was then remotely piloted in to land on the planet's surface.

The Enterprise landed on the Robots' planet's surface

Once the Enterprise had landed the native Robots who had taken control of the ship demanded the crew disembark and then neutralized them with their energy weapons. Some of the Enterprise crew were later able to escape, but were then found by the Robots again, who demanded Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock comply in removing a power rod from the Enterprise to help resupply the Robots' own dwindling energy supplies, or risk the Robots harming the rest of the crew.
Kirk agreed, but also plotted against the Robots, using a cobalt container to transport the power rod once it was removed from the Enterprise's power unit. The combination of power rod and cobalt container created an explosive devise which would react fifteen minutes after its creation. Not quite as planned, but to the same eventual outcome, Kirk was able to get the sabotaged power rod to the Robots' power unit, causing it to explode and making the Robots shut down, allowing the Enterprise to depart. (TOS comic: "Life Form Nonexistent")

Stardate 24:12.17

While exploring a new region of space, a starship resembling a huge, living eagle attacked the Enterprise. After disabling the strange vessel, David Bailey and others visited in a space bug to offer assistance, discovering what appeared to be a group of humanoid refugees kidnapped by Agonites. Kirk and Spock recovered the humanoids and resettled them on nearby class M planet, leaving them with provisions and weapons. Shortly afterward, however, a dozen of the space eagles arrived, and Kirk learned from Roggaf of Agoni that they were galactic police officers, and the "refugees" were actually convicted criminals. To make up for his interference, Kirk recaptured the criminals and turned them over to the Agonites. (TOS comic: "The Eagles Have Landed")

Captured by Mantis.

Kirk led a diplomatic mission to Angoma, where citizens have been mysteriously disappearing. The culprit: a long distance transporter, which trapped Kirk's team in a Mantis zoo. Bailey tracked the beam's path, leading the Enterprise to the Mantis planet. Spock led a search party, but Kirk's team had already used the transporter to escape to another world. Spock's team followed, rescuing them from cannibals. (TOS comic: "Beware the Beast")

Nuofo attack.

While exploring the Hytar Nuofo system, the Enterprise was assaulted by Hytaran spaceships whose commander said he thought they were enemy Nuofons. Kirk attempted to visit Nuofo as a mediator, but his exploration rocket was shot down and his landing party apprehended. When more ships attacked, Kirk launched an all-out assault on Nuofo, which surrendered. Peace was short-lived, however, when Nuofo's city was suddenly struck by missiles from a mutual enemy, Desta. After the Enterprise drove off a Destan fleet, both governments held democratic elections and were reunited under new President Juf. (TOS comic: "The Third Party")

Stardate 25:11.23

During a diplomatic visit to Galactic Union world Stai, everything went well until Union Officer Ruf forced Kirk to leave by threatening the lives of Da Nek's son and other children housed on neighboring planet Vrex. Angered by Ruf's bullying tactics, Kirk sent a landing party and four shuttles to Vrex to retrieve the kids, but his crewmen were captured and Kirk was placed in a brainwashing machine. An armed rescue team recovered the crew, and Spock was able to reverse the brainwashing. After the children were brought home, the Staians formally quit the Union. (TOS comic: "The Children of Stai")

First contact with the Kalins.

Stardate 4812.46

The Enterprise was caught within a self-sealing oxygenless gas cloud around a mysterious planet. A contingent of warlike, non-humanoid Balants attempted to commandeer the Enterprise to escape their homeworld. Kirk and Spock beamed down in environmental suits to visit an underground city, where they learned about the Balants from their cousins the Kalins. Meanwhile, the Balant leader broke through an airlock onto the Enterprise, but oxygen exposure vaporized him. Kirk explained to the remaining Balants that they could not survive without their protective gas cloud and must learn to live with the Kalins. (TOS comic: "Skin Deep")
Stardate 1502
The Enterprise had a brief layover at the Vega colony, prior to beginning a star charting mission. (TOS novel: Living Memory)
Stardate 1512.2
The Enterprise made first contact with Balok, commander of the Fesarius, representative of the First Federation. David Bailey transferred to the Fesarius as an exchange officer. (TOS episode & Star Trek 12 novelization: The Corbomite Maneuver)

Ship image.

After being promoted to helmsman, Hikaru Sulu led his first landing party on an uncharted world that held archaeological ruins. A member of Sulu's team accidentally triggered an ancient security system and geologist Vanani Manprasad was killed. Sulu confided with friend and shipmate Janice Rand about his self-doubt as to whether or not he was truly bridge officer material. Sulu got over his doubts after Kirk cleared him of all wrong-doing in the matter and assured him that the Helm was still his if he wanted it. (TOS short story: "The Landing Party")

Harry Mudd's cargo.

Stardate 1329.8
While on patrol, the Enterprise rescued four survivors from a damaged freighter. One of the survivors was discovered to be con man Harry Mudd, while the others were three "beautiful" women. It was thanks to the efforts of Mudd and his women that the Enterprise obtained replacement lithium crystals from Rigel XII. (TOS episode & Mudd's Angels novelization: Mudd's Women)
Stardate 1672.1
An unusual ore on Alfa 177 caused a transporter malfunction, splitting Kirk into good and evil versions. While the transporter was under repair, Sulu's landing party suffered as temperatures plummeted. Spock and Montgomery Scott successfully re-integrated Kirk's two halves, and the landing party was beamed up, saving them from freezing to death. (TOS episode & Star Trek 8 novelization: The Enemy Within)
Stardate 1513.1
On a routing medical resupply mission to M-113, it was discovered that Professor Robert Crater's wife Nancy had been murdered by an M-113 creature who assumed her identity. Several crewmen were killed by the creature before it was located and destroyed. (TOS episode: "The Man Trap", TOS - Star Trek 1 novelization: The Unreal McCoy)
Stardate 1704.2
En route from Alfa 177 to Psi 2000, the ship diverted around a black hole at coordinates -44.3, -33.9, 46.1. (TOS reference: Star Trek Maps)
Stardate 1704.2
On collapsing planet Psi 2000, an Enterprise landing party was infected by the Psi 2000 virus. As it spread quickly throughout the crew, Kevin Riley shut down the warp engines, stranding the Enterprise in a decaying orbit. Scott initiated a cold-start of the warp drive, triggering a breakaway that threw the starship out of orbit and three days into the past. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: The Naked Time)
Stardate 1704.2
En route to Psi 2000, the Enterprise left a large survey team on the surface of Tlaoli IV. Following the incident at Psi 2000, resulting in the Enterprise being flung back in time three days, the Enterprise returned to Tlaoli early. On arrival back at the planet, they discover that half of the team had disappeared. Captain Kirk led a cave expedition team and found his team, but both he and Lieutenant Sulu were transposed in time, by a Jim Kirk from 2247, and Captain Sulu from an alternate 2287. The situation was later resolved by traveling into the various timeframes and restoring the natural course of events. (TOS - The Janus Gate novels: Present Tense, Future Imperfect, Past Prologue)
The Janus Gate trilogy became an alternate reality upon itself because it occurred in the three day pocket of time, leaving the characters with no memory of the events afterwards.
An atmospheric storm disrupted the transporter, scattering the ship's landing party on a desert planet. Nyota Uhura was stranded in a desert and forced to wait for the storm to pass before Scott could beam her back. She waited in an oasis and bonded with a strange creature, singing to it in Swahili. (TOS - Waypoint short story: "Daylily")
Stardate 1533.6
The USS Antares transferred refugee Charlie Evans to the Enterprise, but the 17-year-old boy had been imbued with psychokinetic powers by Thasians and was unable to live safely with others. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: Charlie X)
Stardate 1699.0
The Enterprise was summoned to the Federation colony on Alpha Proxima II to deal with a viral epidemic, along with the USS Constellation. While Captain Kirk and Commodore Matthew Decker strived to keep the planet running, Dr. McCoy and Dr. Lewis Rosenhaus struggled to find a cure, and eventually succeeded. The cause of the virus was later revealed to be from a Malkus Artifact that was unleashed by Tomasina Laubenthal, chief of police on the colony. (TOS - The Brave and the Bold, Book One novella: The First Artifact)

In Quadrant Mark 1.

Stardate 17:01.02

After shore leave on resort world Lado, the Enterprise entered a subspace parallel universe in quadrant Mark 1, discovering a stasis chamber containing the James T. Kirk from the previous Big Bang cycle of the universe. Kirk's predecessor demanded a fencing duel with the current Kirk in order to create a turning point in predestination. Aiding him was a USS Enterprise decoy replica that shot at the Enterprise during the duel. When Kirk refused to kill his predecessor, it created the moment of free will, and the predecessor faded from existence. (TOS comic: "The Choice")
Stardate 1709.2
A reluctant Keras commanded the Romulan bird-of-prey ChR Gal Gath'thong in its attempt to incite war with the Federation by destroying Outpost 4 and other Earth Outpost Stations located along the Federation side of the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Enterprise engaged and destroyed the invading vessel. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: Balance of Terror)
Kirk, Spock and Scott made first contact with the felinoid Skurians, but Scott offended supreme head Zeldon, who responded by locking the officers in a zoo with humanoid cavemen. During their jailbreak, Kirk saved Ambassador Meng's life. In gratitude, Meng had them officially freed and returned their communicator, hoping that one day their species might understand each other. (TOS comic: "Captives in Space")
Detecting life readings on an unexplored ice planet, Kirk, Spock, Hurst and Shafer beamed down in environmental suits, discovering a telepathic humanoid calling himself the Guardian of the Future. He showed them a time portal, and Kirk asked if they could visit Earth after the end of their five-year mission. Kirk and Spock appeared in what appeared to be Los Angeles but was actually an alternate reality world colonized by Humanity that had been conquered by Nobians. When they returned to the ice planet, the Guardian explained that he hoped to warn humanity of a potential disastrous fate, which Kirk believed they could now avoid. (TOS short story: "Gateway to the Future")

McCoy with a beavo.

Enterprise crew set up a small expeditionary team on Selkye led by Professor Richard Spellman. McCoy became enamored with cute, little beavos on the planet and kept one as a pet. McCoy soon became sick and weak, while a corpse recovered from the surface suddenly reanimated. Events repeated the next day after Uhura cared for the beavo. The Enterprise returned to Selkye, rescuing the science team from a group of Selkye toad humanoids. The parasitic beavos had drained life energy from the scientists and transferred it to the corpses. (TOS comic: "Planet of the Dead")

Taragon lifeform.

An expanding Taragon colony suddenly faced spontaneous bursts of insanity among the colonists, as well as volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters. The Enterprise responded to their distress calls and investigated. Kirk and Spock suspected intelligent lifeforms capable of telepathy might be responsible, eventually discovering a massive, non-humanoid Taragon lifeform living underground that was able to replicate objects and people. Frightened of the encroaching colony, it had tried to make everyone leave. In exchange for its protection, it agreed to help fashion new buildings and equipment for the colonists. (TOS comic: "What Is This Thing Called Spock?")
Uhura picked up lifeform sounds near a volcano that was due to erupt imminently on planet Alpha 332. Kirk and Spock beamed down to help, finding a group of Parraca praying to the volcano. Kirk and Spock effected an evacuation, but the two were then captured by a group of ape-like Turracas on the other side of the volcano. They would not heed similar warnings, and Kirk and Spock beamed up before they could be sacrificed to the volcano. (TOS comic: "The Gods Have Come!")
Enterprise technician George Maquire boarded a transport headed for Earth so he could provide testimony in a murder trial. En route, Romulan agents kidnapped the transport's crew. Kirk and Spock disguised themselves as Romulans and rescued them. (TOS comic: "Key Witness")
While exploring a gigantic, unexplored planet, Kirk, Spock and Scott were captured by an immensely tall humanoid scientist. They managed to escape and alert Starfleet Headquarters about the dangerous giant. (TOS novella: Giant in the Universe)
The Enterprise responded to frantic distress calls from Ynobe II, where they found the planet being terrorized by trillig robots. Kirk, Spock and Scott shut down the robot factory and apprehended the person responsible, restoring peace on the world. (TOS novella: Trillions of Trilligs)
Stardate 7000
The Enterprise visited Ecnal, which was beset by an unexplained planet-wide loss of life energy. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Janice Rand explored the surface, discovering the culprit: an alien Lerow rocket stealing the life energy. The landing party learned that the Lerows were acting out of desperation to restore their dying homeworld. The Lerows were given an energy converter and they departed gratefully. (TOS comic: "Planet Ecnal's Dilemma")
Kirk and Spock were gassed while visiting Raylo, leaving Kirk hypnotized. Spock and McCoy followed Kirk through a cave where he climbed into a stasis chamber. The device began draining his electrical energy for Doctor Rycho, who used the energy to power Mortard robots. Spock theorized that communicators could disrupt stasis. When Kirk answered Spock's hail, the equipment shorted out, Kirk broke free, and Rycho was apprehended. (TOS comic: "Rescue at Raylo")

McCoy with an endangered animal.

Following the supernova of a giant star in an uncharted region, the Enterprise searched for intelligent life in neighboring systems ahead of the blast radius. The crew discovered a world full of exotic animal life, and pairs of various species were brought aboard to prevent their extinction. (TOS comic: "Space Ark")
On previously uncharted Noriga, Kirk and Spock signed a treaty with the natives, who were a humanoid race of varying heights. When Kirk and Spock beamed back to the Enterprise, however, they found they'd mysteriously shrunk like the Norigans. Quickly returning, they learned that a mutagen purposefully launched into the atmosphere shrank people to a size inversely proportional to their age. Kirk and Spock grew back to normal after a few days. (TOS comic: "The Unchartered World")
Using an environmental suit with a jetpack, Kirk looped a titanium cable around a distressed freighter so that the Enterprise could tow it out of harm's way. (TOS comic: "Space Cowboy")
The Enterprise towed an ice asteroid into planetary orbit to assist a species in need of more water. (TOS comic: "Project Iceberg")

Stardate 17:23.4

Following a mission on Kynardi, the Enterprise discovered that the inhabitants of Argylus suffered from an epidemic that killed anyone who reached 13 years of age, a disease that infected the landing party. The starship hastily traveled to Ominnus in order for the crew to retrieve herbs needed to synthesize a cure. (TOS comic: "Child's Play")

Recovering Alfred Bleikoff's Stasis chamber.

Stardate 18:06.9

In the Sol system, the Enterprise recovered the stasis chamber of Alfred Bleikoff, a noted pacifist cryogenically frozen in the 1990s. Unknown to the crew, Bleikoff's brain had been surgically replaced with a mechanical one during the intervening years, presumably to prepare Earth for an invasion. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scott received an electrical jolt while reviving Bleikoff which immunized them from Bleikoff. Bleikoff campaigned on Earth for peace, using powers of mass hypnosis to sway large sections of the population to deactivate the Earth's planetary defense system. Before a vote could be taken, Kirk was able to deactivate Bleikoff. (TOS comic: "Prophet of Peace")
The Enterprise headed to Nekros. En route, a landing party retreated from large robotic spiders, one of which shot at a member of the crew. (TOS - Star Trek Annual 1969 comic: "Voyage of Discovery")

Stardate 18:09.2

The Enterprise explored the planet K-G. Unfortunately, the planet was home to a plant species that threatened the galaxy. Capt. Kirk was forced to exterminate all plant life on the planet, as it bore too great of a threat to the rest of the galaxy. (TOS comic: "The Planet of No Return")
Near Nekros, the Enterprise fought three small spacecraft. (TOS - Star Trek Annual 1969 comic: "Voyage of Discovery")
A Klingon scientist at a military research outpost developed a weapon of mass destruction with limitless range capable of destroying a planet. He tested it by luring the Enterprise to Seggor, then using his experimental granulator cannon on Crewman Hoskins, who collapsed to dust after being touched by Kirk. As a further demonstration, the weapon destroyed Kirk's shuttle through its shields. Kirk retreated, prepared to send a message that Earth must surrender to avoid destruction. Scott disobeyed orders and beamed down to Seggor, where he sneaked into the base and sabotaged the cannon's blast hatch. When fired at the Enterprise, the weapon overloaded and destroyed the base. (TOS comic: "The Klingon Ultimatum")

Orbital bombardment on Fornia.

During Kirk and Spock's diplomatic meeting with officials on Fornia, the planet was bombarded from orbit and then invaded. As troops spread out, Klingon Commander Tharrk demanded surrender to prevent further devastation. Kirk and Spock hid, then devised a strategy to take out the Klingon battle cruiser by tricking its crew to fire on a mirrored satellite, which reflected the beam back and caused heavy damage to the cruiser. Kirk and Spock subdued Tharrk and promised that future aggression would be defended by the Federation. (TOS comic: "Smoke and Mirrors")
Stardate 1831.5
While the Enterprise transported medical supplies to Beta Carinae, Lt. Commander Spock and Lieutenant Sulu were charged with transporting Prince Vikram back to his homeworld, Angira. (TOS novel: Shadow Lord)

Stardate 18:41.2

The Enterprise beamed down a survey expedition after large deposits of valuable ores were detected on Beta II. In fact, the mineral deposits had been faked by Klingons to lure the Enterprise there and replace Captain James T. Kirk with a duplicate. The Enterprise left Beta II after being ordered to escort Omegan ambassador T'Ki home, but returned in pursuit of the duplicate Kirk, who had fled after the crew mutinied against him. Back on Beta II, Spock exposed the Klingon plot and rescued the real Kirk. (TOS comic: "The Enterprise Mutiny")

Siege of Asteroid Delta.

Kirk and Spock visited Asteroid Delta and successfully defended it against a siege by unspecified forces. Later, Spock was attacked by the Brain Ray Robot while exploring an unspecified planet, and Spock rescued Kirk from a gigantic duanda. (TOS comic: "Prince Traitor")

Stardate 19:03.4

The Enterprise came across a strange belt of uncharted asteroids near the Nabu system. The Enterprise was then caught in a electronic field shielding the planet. Capt. Kirk then led a landing party to investigate. The planet was revealed to be a penal colony that would blow at some point. Kirk and the Enterprise were then able to escape before the planet exploded. (TOS comic: "The Devil's Isle of Space")

Stardate 19:24.3

On Neesan, Kirk, Scott and McCoy discovered Tol tribesmen worshipping a stone idol of Spock, made from an image their telepathic leader Lok-the-Wise had seen in a vision. The landing party was about to be executed for trespassing on scared ground when Spock materialized in front of the tribe, instantly being hailed as spiritual leader Unruho. An invading tribe of Kovars overran the land, destroyed the statue and prepared to kill Kirk and Scott. Spock used the transporter to appear and disappear, convincing many of the Kovars that he was Unruho, and prompting the Tols and Kovars to pledge going forward in peace. (TOS comic: "The Cosmic Cavemen")

Scott repaired the ship's sensor dome.

Stardate 19:24.8

While exploring Kujal, Kirk, Spock and Uhura were captured by Kujalans, humanoid colonists who had been shrinking for three generations due to strange stellar radiation. After learning of their history, they offered to find a solution to their problem. As the Enterprise approached their star, Scott went outside the ship in an environmental suit to repair a jammed sensor array, but his suit was damaged and he absorbed a strong dose of the radiation, which rapidly shrank him to microscopic size. McCoy used an experimental ray to restore Scott, and Kirk promised that all of the Kujalans would be restored within a year. (TOS comic: "Dwarf Planet")

Stardate 19:25.9

Kirk and Scott time traveled to 19th and 20th century Earth in order to recover a missing N-cycle bomb capable of destroying the planet. The bomb had been hidden in southern California in 1955. (TOS comic: "A Bomb in Time")
While delivering medicine to a starbase, the Enterprise was attacked by a Zargon starship. (TOS - Star Trek Annual 1979 comic: "Space Chase")
Parasitic dags attached themselves to a landing party on Razlak. They were removed by exposing them to extreme temperature variations. (TOS - Star Trek Annual 1979 comic: "Escape from the Clinging Dags")

Stardate 19:25.9

After incurring heavy damage during a cosmic storm, the Enterprise docked at the Luna repair base while crew took shore leave on Earth. While Kirk and McCoy met xenobiologist Barbara McCoy at Urey University, Scott visited the Engineer's Club, where he spotted a disgraced former crewman, Red Garvin. Kirk and Barbara were on a date when a sadistic guard was killed by one of Barbara's laboratory animals. Authorities allowed Barbara to try to calm the animal on Galileo Tower, but she overreached and plummeted out of the tower. The animal gave its life to save her, and in its dying moments transmitted a telepathic warning about Garvin aboard the Enterprise. Kirk and McCoy pursued, recovering the stolen Great Eye of Ara gemstone and capturing Garvin before he could explode a bomb aboard the ship. (TOS comic: "Furlough to Fury")

Surface of Bwuja.

Stardate 19:26:03

Barbara McCoy joined the Enterprise to study how genetic mutations on Bwuja affected surviving Bwujans, who became water breathers and migrated undersea to avoid a supernova remnant. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Barbara visited an underwater city, but were captured as devilish air-breathers. Raan XIV defied priests and secreted the team in air-filled caverns, where he compassionately also hid any air-breathing babies. Hearing that some air breathers tried climbing to the surface, the landing party followed their trail, discovering a community of air-breathing Bwujans living near a beach who contended with having some water-breathing children. After a confrontation, air- and water-breathing parents exchanged children so that all might grow up healthy. The experience deeply affected Barbara, who rekindled her relationship with her father. (TOS comic: "The World Beneath the Waves")

Stardate 19:26.11

A distress signal for help against wild animal attacks brought the Enterprise to Hercula, where Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scott discovered caveman-like Yerba being treated as slave labor. Increasing Yerba attacks led to a brief planetary civil war ending with the emancipation of the Yerba and shared rule of the planet. (TOS comic: "The Animal People")

Spock and McCoy's cerebot probes.

Stardate 19:26.2

Faked evidence that Kirk colluded with smugglers led to his being court martialed. As Kirk sought evidence to clear him on Earth, the Enterprise searched System C-71 and pursued a bandit asteroid ship, which offloaded evidence on the inhospitable planet Ndora. Using cerebot probes, Spock and McCoy salvaged the evidence. Meanwhile, Kirk exposed a conspiracy and was exonerated. (TOS comic: "The Trial of Captain Kirk")

Stardate 19:26.4

During a diplomatic mission to Fayo, Emperor Bavoda asked that his son Yano enter Starfleet Academy and serve a tour in Starfleet. But rebels captured Spock, and Yano chose to exchange himself as their hostage. Bavoda was enraged by the loss of his son and demanded the starship depart. That night Kirk and Spock sneaked back to search for Yano, discovering that he was the leader of a rebellion intent on implementing democratic reforms on Fayo. After Bavoda's trusted Colonel Lam tried to kill Yano, Bavoda abdicated in favor of his son. (TOS comic: "Prince Traitor")

Sanoora world ship.

Stardate 19:27:12

During a cultural visit to Nraka, a Sanoora world ship claimed ownership of the world. Sanoora said they'd evacuated during an extinction-level event 500,000 years earlier. The attack incited riots, as the invading ship's captain was a dead ringer for Zotar, founder of Nrakan civilization. Councilor Dvor believed pirates were perpetrating a hoax and launched a fleet of defensive spacecraft, but his ships were no match for the world ship. When the massive vessel targeted the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock were free to help defend Nraka. Once given a way to penetrate the world ship's shields, Nrakan spacecraft caused enough damage to force the world ship to retreat. (TOS comic: "The Evictors")

Stardate 19:27.4

A mineral survey of Alpha 23-C led to the discovery of an underground civilization of crystalline natives. Their telepathic gemstone children matured on the surface, and when threatened were capable of creating paranoia among visitors. Kirk and Spock helped the natives defend against attacks by a crystal slourda dragon. (TOS comic: "The PsychoCrystals")

Stardate 19:29:06

The Enterprise discovered a world in which radiation was de-aging its humanoid population toward extinction. Spock and Scott buried the source of the radiation on Oordon while McCoy developed an antidote, but young Lady Elya and Emperor Wenomi preferred that their survivors be left to grow up naturally as they tried to rebuild their civilization. (TOS comic: "World Against Time")

Temp. CO Zarlo.

Stardate 19:29.13

Captain Zarlo temporarily assumed command of the Enterprise while Kirk investigated potential Klingon infiltration on Mobita. Kirk found a small group of Klingons destabilizing the planet's government by arming the oppressed Togota tribe and sparking a civil war, leaving the planet ripe for conquest. The timely arrival of the Enterprise at Mobita drove the commander's battlecruiser to leave orbit and abandon its team on the surface. (TOS comic: "One of Our Captains Is Missing!")

Stardate 19:29:51

The Enterprise visited feudal Jodarr for King Ledoy's coronation. But Jodarr demanded that Sylva become his bride and her sweetheart Major Rolano to be executed, Kirk asked if he would consult his wizard, the Great Vrunon. Vrunon was revealed to be an alien sent to the planet before birth to guide its culture, but his vessel crashed, and he grew up to pursue his mission mostly by instinct. Spock recovered missing tapes in a volcanic lake, revealing he was to guide the Jodarr natives toward peace. Vrunon confessed his real history to Ledoy, who agreed to rule by peace, releasing Sylva to marry Rolano. (TOS comic: "Spore of the Devil")

Stardate 20:1:7

During ceremonies admitting Quodar to the Federation, Kirk's shuttle was damaged and crash-landed on Tristas. The Tristian Science Ministry imprisoned Kirk's party, including Admiral Tailen Kahn, but they were able to escape. Kahn briefly was exposed to The Presence, a non-corporeal life force within the planet, the discovery of which led to Tristian's self-quarantine from galactic politics. Kirk offered to protect their world if they would share their knowledge with the Federation. (TOS comic: "The Final Truth")

Stardate 20:14.6

The Enterprise then went to the planet Alpha Z-21, also known as "Planet Questionmark". The planet's population was threatened with extinction by city builder machinery. Kirk and his crew aided local leader Krill to stop the machines. (TOS comic: "Invasion of the City Builders")

Stardate 20:27.3

Visiting Floe I to conduct a population study, Kirk, Spock and Krisp were captured by rulers Amara and Sunaro, who were intent on releasing a false report on their society. In truth, the Floes had only days to live, as their planet drifted further and further from their star, making the planet uninhabitably cold, and its rulers were unwilling to change. (TOS comic: "Ice Journey")
The Enterprise explored Klatoor, a world with temporal disruptions and magnioactivity that disrupted transporters. (TOS - Star Trek Annual 1978 comic: "... Wild Goose Chase!")
The Enterprise orbited Rheel, where Kirk and Spock found signs of an extinct civilization on an island. (TOS - Star Trek Annual 1979 comic: "A Hint of Life")

Stardate 21:06.7

Spock was being controlled by strange aliens who took on the form of light and possessed him, driving him mad on Metamorpha. (TOS comic: "The Peril of Planet Quick Change")

Preventing a planetary collision.

Stardate 23:00.9

Discovering the inhabited planets Inicrust and Morti on a collision course, the Enterprise towed the star fragment Doona into their system, which radiated a repelling force that prevented the collision. (TOS comic: "When Planets Collide")

Stardate 23:14.6

The Enterprise responded to a distress call on Terrellian II, which was colonized by Terralyns. In the past, a radiation cloud forced the Thelemite inhabitants to implant their minds in the local plant life, while the cell structures of their bodies were used to form Zar-Tan. The Thelemites were restored and were able to co-exist with the Terralyns. (TOS comic: "The Empire Man!")

Stardate 23:19.2

While exploring the Riza homeworld, Spock passed the Riddle of Ikor and learned that the Rizas were preparing to migrate offworld to avoid a nova, but had difficulty transporting their enormous master computer Wotam. They asked if Spock would allow his brain to be enhanced to temporarily store all its information. He underwent the procedure, but the additional data drove him insanely paranoid. Eventually Spock used a Vulcan mind meld and local technology to scatter the data among three Rizas. Afterward, the Rizas launched starships and left their world. (TOS comic: "Mr. Oracle")

Stardate 24:17.9

Count Dressler used voodoo he learned from the natives of a planet to create a replica of the Earth he could then use to attack the real thing. His plans were defeated by the crew of the Enterprise and he was captured. (TOS comic: "The Voodoo Planet")

Stardate 24:3:19

During a three-day layover at Starbase 12, Scott and his girlfriend Blanda Lane went on a date. (TOS - The Enterprise Logs, Volume 1 comic: "A Page From Scotty's Diary")

Stardate 24:92.5

Jay Nordyke spent four days on Mila Xa to investigate claims that the asteroid mausoleum was haunted. The Enterprise retrieved Nordyke, but a psychoscan showed that he couldn't remember one of the days. A landing party explored the asteroid, discovering that it was designed to protect the 600-year-old Queen Saeena. (TOS comic: "The Haunted Asteroid")

Museum of Missing Ships.

Stardate 25:53.2

While tracking a Klingon battlecruiser, the Enterprise was drawn into the vortex of a cosmic storm to arrive in netherspace, where they discovered the Museum of Missing Ships on a remnant of Krugar III. The cruiser was also pulled there, and the Klingon commander assaulted the museum. But the region of limbo was due to collapse within hours, and escape was only possible after both starships fired at a focal point, returning the ships to normal space. (TOS comic: "Museum at the End of Time")

Stardate 26:04.4

On Quaraxus, Professor Osric Whipple invented a planetary defense against meteorites, but it malfunctioned, shooting cars and other metallic objects into space. The Enterprise detected the phenomenon, and Spock was able to turn off the equipment. Kirk and Spock brought the professor with them on a mission to planets Arima and Mazda. Whipple tinkered with a transporter and accidentally materialized in temples on both worlds. Both sides interpreted this as a directive from their deities to go to war. Trying to help, he boarded a shuttle and rigged a magnetic wall to immobilize both fleets. The force field turned Whipple into a non-corporeal state, with his lamentations taken as a directive to pursue peace. Scott was able to return Whipple to normal after the incident. (TOS comic: "Destination Annihilation")

Stardate 26:06.4

Toxicity from the ring system of planet Numero Uno drove the natives to live in two satellites, but it also ended a centuries-long war. The Enterprise crew were tricked into removing the rings so the Unoites could access stockpiles of nuclear weapons on the surface and recommence their war. Spock and McCoy created an illusion that the rings could be returned at any time, and opposing sides stopped fighting. (TOS comic: "The Ghost Planet")

Nurse Christine Chapel met Roger Korby and his androids.

Stardate 2714.4
After taking aboard replacement crewmen at Starbase 26, the Enterprise was assigned to investigate the disappearance of Dr. Roger Korby on Exo III. The crew discovered that Korby was dead and had replaced himself with an android duplicate, intent on creating duplicates of everyone and conquering the galaxy. He was stopped by Kirk, but not without the deaths of security guards Ethan Matthews and Edward Rayburn. Both these individuals were later revealed to be Klingon spies. (TOS episode: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" and TOS - Errand of Vengeance novel: The Edge of the Sword)
The Enterprise responded to a distress call from an Anti-Federation League colony in System 1324. Under heavy attack by Orions, a security force is transported down while the Enterprise goes in pursuit of an enemy vessel. Heavy losses are sustained by the landing party. The Enterprise, damaged, eventually returns to 1324-IV to claim the surviving colonists and security personnel after the Orion defeat. Jon Anderson is promoted after saving Captain Kirk's life. (TOS - Errand of Vengeance novel: The Edge of the Sword)
At Starbase 42, the Enterprise received crew replacements and shore leave. With the Orions believed to be in the employ of the Klingons, an Orion deep-core dilithium mining operation was investigated, and subsequently shut down, by the Enterprise in System 7348. While Captain Kirk led the landing party, the Enterprise moved to intercept the IKS D'k Tahg and was led into a trap. (TOS - Errand of Vengeance novel: Killing Blow)

The Enterprise in battle.

While en route to Starbase 21 for repairs, the Enterprise was intercepted by Admiral Robert Justman and Lt. Patrick West via the high-speed warpshuttle Trager. Justman ordered the Enterprise to the ancient, decommissioned Starbase 42, which was to become the admiral's new command post, believing it will be attacked by the Klingons seeking its supply of starship-grade dilithium crystals. Klingon infiltrators already in place on the station wreaked havoc while Captain Koloth's IKS D'K Tahg attacked the starbase. Admiral Justman sacrificed himself to save the life of Lt. West and to buy Captain Kirk the time needed to defeat Klingon troops. With the D'K Tahg crippled by the starbase and Enterprise, the Klingon High Council disavowed their actions and Koloth was forced to withdraw. The Constellation, commanded by Commodore Decker, arrived to assist the Enterprise. Post-mortem performed on Ensign Jon Anderson revealed that he was a Klingon agent, and Dr. McCoy put together a simple scanning program to detect future infiltrators. (TOS - Errand of Vengeance novel: River of Blood)
Stardate 2715.1
Kirk and psychiatrist Helen Noel investigated the attempted escape of Simon Van Gelder from the Tantalus penal colony. They discovered that Doctor Tristan Adams was torturing inmates and staff using a mind-controlling neural neutralizer. In order to escape, Noel deactivated the planet's transporter shield, and Spock beamed down a security team to secure the colony. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: Dagger of the Mind)
Stardate 2713.5
The Enterprise visited a duplicate Earth where people suffered from a virulent plague that killed all of the adults, but prolonged the life of pre-adolescents for centuries. Infected by the plague, McCoy was able to develop a serum to cure the landing party before madness overcame him. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: Miri)
Yeoman Vonda Figgs joined her first landing party, a survey of Hydra Epsilon III. Unfortunately, the hypnotic scent of nearby carnivorous plants entrapped her and killed two security guards. Figgs was rescued by Kirk, Spock and Rand, but not before the Hydra Epsilon III flytrap dissolved her hair and uniform. The experience mortified her, but Kirk and Rand reassured her that there would be future missions. (TOS - Strange New Worlds V short story: "Yeoman Figgs")
Stardate 2811.5
An unlogged asteroid full of miracle drug TFA brought Kirk, Spock and McCoy to explore the surface. They discovered that miners led by Pete Flamm had addicted the local populace with a narcotic in order to exploit them as free labor to mine the TFA. But when the Leonardo shot at their mining vehicles, stranded orphan Klwama sided with the miners and disabled the shuttle with a boulder, explaining that the kurali drug was helpuing the natives cope with harsh living on the asteroid. Aboard the Enterprise, Klwama learned about the Prime Directive and that the TFA was necessary to the natives' biology. Klwama changed his mind and helped drive off the natives. (TOS comic: "And a Child Shall Lead Them")
Stardate 2817.7
When the Karidian Company of Players performed Macbeth on Planet Q, Thomas Leighton recognized actor Anton Karidian's voice as that of Governor Kodos, who executed his family on Tarsus IV in 2246. He asked Jim Kirk, his friend and fellow survivor of the Tarsus IV Massacre, to divert the Enterprise to see the man. Kirk was uncertain, and even voice recognition could not make a positive identification. But Leighton was murdered, and as the Enterprise ferried the acting troop to Benecia, Karidian's daughter Lenore was found to have killed eyewitnesses to protect the identity of her father. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: The Conscience of the King)
Kirk and Spock beamed down to an unexplored planet, but were knocked unconscious and brought before Doctor Rycho, who was guarded by two strange beasts with ape-like arms. Kirk spoke to Rycho, then signaled the ship and the officers beamed back to the Enterprise. Moments later, they witnessed a huge blast on the viewscreen as the planet exploded. (TOS comic: "Magic Painting (1)")
A massive spherical starship shot at the Enterprise. A boarding party locked Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Sulu in their brig, but they were able to escape. During their escape, they destroyed an aquarium tank containing the vessel's CO, which triggered explosions throughout the ship's bridge. The officers made it back to the Enterprise just as the enemy vessel exploded. (TOS comic: "Magic Painting (2)")

Stardate 28:45.3

The Enterprise was pulled by non-corporeal Drenam into orbit of an uncharted planet so that an injured pregnant humanoid woman could get medical assistance, saving the life of Arek rebel Madad, whose personality was imbued within the unborn child so that the exile could be grow up and be rehabilitated. (TOS comic: "The Exile")


Stardate 2821.5
While en route to deliver medical supplies to Makus III, the Enterprise diverted to study Murasaki 312, but the quasar-like phenomenon ionized the sector and forced the Galileo shuttlecraft to crash on Taurus II. During their attempted escape from the planet, Spock ignited the shuttle's fuel, an unusual vista which Sulu spotted. (TOS episode & Star Trek 7 novelization: The Galileo Seven)
Yeoman Leslie Thompson's efforts ensured that the crew of the Galileo were beamed back before the shuttle burned up in the atmosphere. (TOS - Waypoint comic: "Legacy")
Stardate 2826
The Enterprise delivered its medical supplies to Makus III. (TOS novel: Living Memory)
Stardate 4010.6
After Makus III, the Enterprise visited Ximega II, discovering a scientist who reconstituted a lost colony destroyed by solar storms, including all of the colonists and his wife. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Shinsei Shinsei comic: "Anything But Alone")
Stardate 2942.1
In the Varanu system, the Enterprise hosted peace negotiations between two warring reptillian species, but one of the crew was unknowingly infected with nanotechnology crafted to sabotage the negotiations. (TOS - Waypoint comic: "The Rebound Effect")
Stardate 2947.3
Nursing a deeply-held grudge against Kirk, records officer Ben Finney faked his death when the Enterprise passed through an ion storm. During Kirk's court martial, Finney was discovered alive and hiding in engineering. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Court Martial)
After two months aboard the ship, Ensign Pavel Chekov was placed in command of a landing party mission on Tenkara that tested his morals and self-doubts. (TOS - Constellations short story: "Official Record")

Stardate 30:04.8

Pirates raided the Federation's wildlife preserve on Salvum, cracking the planet's atmospheric shield to keep the Enterprise from pursuing. After the crew repaired the damage, Kirk, Spock and Scott went undercover on non-aligned Grotus to recover rare Gharian wedding birds that had been stolen for cockfighting. (TOS comic: "Sport of Knaves")

Injured Pike at Starbase 11.

Stardate 3012.4
After learning of Pike's crippling injuries, Spock and Talosians conspired to take the former captain from Starbase 11 to Talos IV aboard the Enterprise, where he could live the rest of his life with Vina, unlimited by his injuries. (TOS episode & Star Trek 4 novelization: The Menagerie)
While Pike and Vina were reacquainted on Talos IV, commodore José Mendez debriefed Kirk and Spock when the Enterprise returned to Starbase 11. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)
While passing within range of Klingon-held Cereon, a disembodied Cereonian was sent to the Enterprise to sabotage the warp core. It killed and possessed Connors before taking over medic Peterson and locking himself in engineering. Spock was able to convince him to destroy body detachment tanks on the planet, triggering a large explosion. (TOS comic: "The Saboteur Within")

Stardate 30:19:12

The Enterprise encountered Rifas-L, a planetary worldship populated by clones. When one clone discovered her origins, in frustration she triggered the vessel's auto destruct. A Board of Inquiry on stardate 30:20:4 exonerated the bridge crew. (TOS comic: "The Perfect Dream")
Stardate 3025.3
The Enterprise visited the Amusement Park planet for the first time. (TOS episode & Star Trek 12 novelization: Shore Leave)

At the Federation Alien Life Studies Institute.

Stardate 30:26.5

An alien mummy from Heitius VII impelled the Enterprise toward the Romulan Neutral Zone at high warp. Control of the ship was regained before violating the border, and three other mummies — actually reactivated cyborgs — were recovered from the planet. The four were offloaded at the Federation Alien Life Studies Institute, then the ship headed for Centaurus V. (TOS comic: "The Mummies of Heitius VII")
After aiding the societies on Cynur IV and Emben III, the Enterprise visited Tyrtaeus II to repair damaged Federation databases. They discovered an isolationist alien vessel that retreated into the corona of the star. (TOS novel: Heart of the Sun)
Stardate 2124.5
Trelane played cat-and-mouse with the Enterprise and his planet Gothos, then the ship headed for Beta VI. (TOS episode & Star Trek 11 novelization: The Squire of Gothos)
Stardate 3040.2
While visiting the dying planet Theta VII, the Enterprise crew discovered an empath on the surface who could hear the song of the dying planet and planned to die along with the planet. Captain Kirk convinced the empath or worldsinger that there were other worldsongs to hear, and transferred him to the USS Copernicus at Ramedes III. (TOS comic: "Worldsinger")

Gorn assaulted the Cestus III outpost.

Stardate 3045.6
After the Gorn cruiser GCS Gress'sril destroyed the Federation outpost on Cestus III, it was pursued by the Enterprise until both starships were halted by Metrons, and captains Kirk and S'alath were forced to a trial by combat on the Metron planet. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Arena)
During a visit to a colony on Alva to conduct a routine check for medical supplies and technology, The landing party was ambushed by a squad of Klingons, led by King Klandor, who intended to commandeer the Enterprise. An "angel" intervened, holding Spock and the boarding party in limbo. Once they were returned, Spock recovered first and subdued the Klingons. (TOS - Star Trek III Short Stories short story: "A Vulcan, A Klingon, and an Angel")
Stardate 3087.6
A clash between counterparts in matter and antimatter universes led to cosmos-wide effects which the Enterprise tracked to Lazarus's planet. In the end, reality was saved when the Lazarus counterparts were sealed within a magnetic corridor between universes. (TOS episode & Star Trek 10 novelization: The Alternative Factor)

Stardate 31:09.4

When the ship's engines were damaged, a landing party beamed to an unexplored planet to recover zutotanium for repairs. Leader Kooba of a crew marooned there used an age-ray hoping to commandeer the Enterprise and conquer his homeworld, but Kirk and Laiko stopped him. (TOS comic: "The Youth Trap")
Stardate 3109
The Enterprise had a layover at Cygnet XIV for computer maintenance. (TOS novel: Living Memory)

John Christopher with Kirk on the bridge.

Stardate 3113.2
After visiting Cygnet XIV, the Enterprise narrowly avoided the Black Star in Sector 006, but time traveled to the 20th century, arriving in Earth orbit in 1969. Seen as a large UFO on radar, the United States Air Force sent Captain John Christopher to intercept the Enterprise, but his F-104 Starfighter broke up when held by a tractor beam, necessitating beaming Christopher aboard. The Enterprise was able to use the slingshot maneuver to restore history, returning Christopher to his own time and preventing the F-104 from being crushed. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Tomorrow is Yesterday)
Stardate 3114.1
During their return trip through time, the Enterprise overshot 2267 and arrived in 2285, where they encountered the USS Excelsior. (TOS comic: "Vicious Circle!")
The Enterprise had a two-week layover in the Sol system for repairs. Pavel Chekov transferred to the ship at this time. (TOS novel: Living Memory)
Stardate 2135.9
Ten days after Chekov's transfer, the Enterprise encountered Solid Space, an intersection point with a parallel universe that could trigger a Big Bang and annihilate the prime universe. During their approach, the navigator's station overloaded and knocked out Sean DePaul. Chekov manned the station for the first time and helped Sulu prevent the ship from being sucked into the parallel universe. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Mister Chekov")
Contradictory sources, such as TOS novel: Enterprise: The First Adventure, described Chekov as already serving aboard the ship by this time.
Stardate 3125.3
In response to the threat of a Romulan invasion the Enterprise was dispatched to the Neutral Zone to head off an attack, while a Starfleet task force was en route. The attack along the Neutral Zone proved to be a decoy as the Romulan fleet was due to invade Canara in order to obtain a vaccine for a deadly disease. Captain Kirk negotiates an agreement with the Romulans and the invasion is called off. (TOS novel: Web of the Romulans)
Despite references to "The Enterprise Incident" this novel obviously takes place after "Tomorrow is Yesterday" due to the amorous computer and references to Cygnet XIV as mentioned in that episode.

Lawgivers on Beta III.

Stardate 3156.2
Kirk and Spock destroyed Landru, freeing the civilization on Beta III to think for themselves. (TOS episode & Star Trek 9 novelization: The Return of the Archons, TOS comic: "The Red Hour")
Stardate 3176.9
Scotty remained on Beta III to aid the crew of the USS Lovell help restore the world's necessary automated systems. Landru was briefly reactivated, and attempted to reassert its influence over the Betan populace. (SCE - Foundations eBook: Foundations, Book Two)
The Enterprise visited Draqqana to observe peace talks between the Draqqi and Iach'tui, but during the talks, a murderer killed two Draqqi diplomats. During the subsequent investigation, the Iach'tui allowed the starship to orbit Iach'tu Prime while Kirk briefly visited the surface. (TOS - Enterprise Logs short story: "The Avenger")
Stardate 3192.1
Kirk destroyed the automated war computers on Eminiar VII, ending a 500-year-long war with Vendikar. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: A Taste of Armageddon)

Khan Noonien Singh.

Stardate 3141.9
The Enterprise discovered the Botany Bay and recovered Khan Noonien Singh from suspended animation. Khan and his Augments commandeered the starship, but were eventually captured and exiled to Ceti Alpha V. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Space Seed)
Chekov was serving a rotation in engineering when Khan took over that part of the ship. (TOS - Untold Voyages comic: "Silent Cries")
While passing near Vartax, the Zond made first contact and through deceit managed to maroon the starship's crew there. But Spock had remained hidden, and he was able to overcome the Zond leader and expel the intruders. (TOS comic: "Spectre of the Zond")
When native Dak-Alphans rebelled against Federation leaders, the Enterprise was diverted to Dak-Alpha. The rebels attempted to commandeer the Enterprise, but they were eventually captured. (TOS comic: "Revolt on Dak-Alpha")
While visiting the Thark-Morkol system, the Enterprise was snared by Thark's artificial ring system. Kirk aided Thark ruler Sektrak to recover his kidnapped son on Klingon-held Markol, and later Kirk invited Thark to join the Federation. (TOS comic: "Spheres of War")
The Enterprise continued exploring the Tharkian sector, discovering planet Sklurr to be blockaded by probes from Romulan-held Karr. The Sklurrian leader and his aides were captured by a Romulan battlecruiser while trying to meet Kirk, and they were placed into an arena together to fight dinosaurs. The aides were killed by guards, but Kirk and the Shell Supreme fled into the jungle and were rescued by Sulu aboard a shuttle. (TOS comic: "Shell Game")
Visiting Ambassador Sork and Chekov's exploration party were captured and brought to Romulan-held Tekton in an attempt to derail a Federation alliance with Perithees, prompting the Enterprise to lead a covert mission to recover them. (TOS comic: "The Perithees Alliance")
Stardate 3198.4
A fake distress call lured the Enterprise to Fomalhaut V, where Colonel Kragg used a truth machine to extract the secret of warp drive from Spock. Spock neglected to provide details on how to refine dilithium crystals, however, leading to the destruction of a prototype rebel warship. (TOS novella: The Truth Machine)
After leaving Starbase 12, the Enterprise was assigned to investigate Timshel's self-imposed quarantine. Kirk beamed down alone, following his past experience on the planet, and discovered that the residents had become slaves to the Joy Machine and worked solely for a "payday". Kirk uploaded a computer virus into the system with help from the local resistance to destroy the device. (TOS novel: The Joy Machine)
The Enterprise rediscovered a lost planet of circus performers. (TOS comic: "A Book to Color, first story")
The Enterprise visited Onyx XIII, discovering that odorous plants had anesthetized the human population. The crew developed and released a defoliant to rescue the inhabitants. (TOS comic: "A Book to Color, second story")
The Enterprise helped restock Earth's zoos following an animal epidemic. Afterward, the bridge crew discussed their next assignment, visiting Omicron, which was afflicted by Berthold radiation. (TOS comic: "A Book to Color, third story")
Fallout from a giant meteor struck the ship, necessitating some quick repairs. (TOS comic: "Coloring Book C1862, second story")
Stardate 3417.3
Unexpectedly, the Omicron Ceti III colonists survived Berthold radiation through exposure to unusual spores that imbue a sense of contentment, but a lack of intention. The spores temporarily overtook ship's personnel, but eventually they were able to evacuate the colony to Starbase 27. (TOS episode & Star Trek 5 novelization: This Side of Paradise)
Spock composed a poem about colonist Leila Kalomi. (TOS - The New Voyages short story: "Sonnet from the Vulcan: Omicron Ceti Three")
Spock wrote a second poem. (TOS - The New Voyages 2 short story: "Soliloquy")

Spock mind melded with the Horta.

Stardate 3196.1
The Enterprise crew negotiated a truce between indigenous Horta and civilian miners on Janus VI. (TOS episode & Star Trek 4 novelization: The Devil in the Dark)
While security squads drilled, the Enterprise was refitted for combat at Starbase 56 as part of fleet-wide efforts in case war broke out with the Klingon Empire. Continued peace hinged on Klingon annexation of system 7348. As the IKS D'k Tahg proceeded to 7348-II to contact primitive Klingons there, Starfleet dispatched the Enterprise to monitor the interaction. (TOS - Errand of Fury novel: Seeds of Rage)
While the IKS D'k Tahg was in orbit, Councillor Duras conspired with a local clan leader to retake the world's dilithium mines for the Empire. Officers loyal to Duras also wrestled control of the D'k Tahg from Captain Koloth and launched an unsuccessful attack on the Enterprise. The mine was eventually shut down after a battle. (TOS - Errand of Fury novel: Demands of Honor)
The Enterprise was assigned to halt munitions production by Klingon occupation forces on Chandra IV and free the local population if possible. (TOS - Errand of Fury novel: Sacrifices of War)

Kor and Kirk.

Stardate 3198.4
Klingons launched the brief Federation-Klingon War of 2267. On Organia, Kor's invasion fleet was halted by non-corporeal Organians who imposed the Organian Peace Treaty upon the Federation and Klingon Empire. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Errand of Mercy, TOS - Errand of Fury novel: Sacrifices of War)
Prior to official signing of the treaty but during the cease fire, Commander Kring attempted to steal tritanium from the Federation's Angrena mining outpost, beaming an armed contingent down to Angrena to battle a landing party from the Enterprise. Eventually Kirk and Kring were tried for their actions on the planet, and Kring was put to death. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Uchu comic: "Art of War")
Stardate 2201.9
Klingons began testing the limits of Organian influence. George Samuel Kirk, Jr. fought with a Klingon spy, accidentally killing him, and turned himself in at Starbase 11. While taking Sam back to Earth for trial aboard the Enterprise, Koloth's D7-class battlecruiser snatched Sam and Kirk out of the brig, but a rescue party was able to disable the cruiser before it could re-enter Klingon territory. The Enterprise dropped Sam off at Earth Colony II. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Sam")

The Guardian of Forever.

Stardate 3134.0
While investigating the planet Gateway, McCoy inadvertently traveled through the Guardian of Forever and changed history. Kirk and Spock used the time portal to arrive prior to McCoy on Earth in 1930, and were able to restore the normal flow of time. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: The City on the Edge of Forever, TOS - Crucible novel: The Fire and the Rose)
In alternate timelines, events in 1930 played out differently. In one, Edith Keeler lived, but Kirk was killed in an automobile accident. (TOS - Strange New Worlds II short story: "Triptych")
Following Kirk's death in 2371, a non-corporeal entity named Kariel allowed Kirk to make a change to history. Kirk elected to save Edith Keeler's life in 1930 and bring her back with them through the Guardian to 2267. (TOS - Strange New Worlds 9 short story: "Remembering the Future")
While in orbit of Gateway, Kirk requested a permanent Starfleet military presence there, as he was concerned with the security of the Guardian's existence. Recently promoted Ensign Tonia Barrows visited McCoy in sickbay. (TOS - Crucible novel: Provenance of Shadows)
Three days after leaving Gateway, McCoy shared an old bottle of Saurian brandy with Kirk, who had yet to return to duty. (TOS - Strange New Worlds VI short story: "Marking Time")
Stardate 3135.6 (April)
Kirk and Spock were debriefed by Commodore Antonio Delgado at Starbase 12. Kirk asked that the planet be declared off-limits. The Organian Peace Treaty was being finalized at this time. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)
In the wake of the incident, Kirk considered reassignment and took shore leave at his family home in Iowa while the Enterprise was berthed in a drydock at Starbase 1. (TOS novel: Final Frontier)


Stardate 3287.2 (13 April)
The Enterprise crew stopped the blastoneuron invasion of Deneva, but Kirk's brother George Samuel Kirk, Jr. and his wife Aurelan Kirk were killed. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Operation -- Annihilate!)
In the aftermath, Kirk attended a memorial for Sam and Aurelan. The Enterprise remained in orbit of Deneva for three weeks while sickbay personnel aided hospitals in identifying and treating survivors, then departed for Starbase 10. (TOS - Crucible novel: Provenance of Shadows)
Among those at Sam’s funeral were Kirk, Carol Marcus, David Marcus and Sam's son Peter Kirk. (TOS - Year Four comic: "The Enterprise Experiment, Part 3")
Landing party members mutinied on Diad II while under the influence of telepathic insects. (TOS - The New Voyages short story: "The Winged Dreamers")
The Copernicus was attacked by D'kar, son of Kor, and forced to land on "the Frontier", a moon where a Federation colony ship crashed 40 years earlier. Kirk was able to stun D'kar before the Enterprise rescued the shuttlecraft crew. (TOS - Constellations short story: "The Leader")
Spock disappeared while investigating a suspicious Klingon ore transport at Starbase 12. During their investigation, historical records revealed an attempted Karsid incursion of Earth in the 19th century which was halted by Aaron Stemple. The Klingon ship used gravitational fields in the Tau Eridani Cloud to produce a time warp to return to this point and aid the incursion. The Enterprise used the technique to travel to 1867 and recover Spock, who had aided Stemple despite suffering from amnesia. (TOS novel: Ishmael)
During the ship's encounter with a black star, Pavel Chekov made his way from auxiliary control to the bridge, finding the senior staff unconscious and the navigator seriously hurt. Chekov plotted a course away from the star and saved the ship. Kirk assigned Chekov to bridge duty while the primary navigator recovered in sickbay. (TOS - Strange New Worlds VII short story: "Indomitable")
The Enterprise visited Vega III shortly after Klingon troops took over the planet. They put a landing party before a firing squad, but Kirk freed Vegan Queen Vanadala, and she signed a mining treaty with the Federation for the planet's korium. (TOS novella: The Prisoner of Vega)
The Enterprise returned the exploratory probe Janvar Five to its homeworld, unaware that it contained imprisoned minds of notorious rebels. They telepathically freed their bodies from stasis and launched them in a rocket to land on the hangar deck. Spock over-extended their abilities, and the rocket blew up when it hit the starship's shields. (TOS comic: "The Mindless Ones")

Caught in the Void of Storms.

While exploring the outskirts of the Zentarian system, the Enterprise was caught in the Void of Storms, an energy field created to prevent exiled criminal Zar from ever returning to his home base. Zentar Watchdog Five freed the Enterprise so that Kirk and Spock could visit Zentar. Zar escaped and stowed away when the Enterprise departed, then stole a shuttlecraft and fled to his armed outpost on Zettin. Before Zar could launch a robot invasion force to Zentar, however, Kirk's assault team destroyed the outpost. (TOS comic: "The Void of Storms")
Three months after transferring to the Enterprise, Chekov was officially promoted to bridge duty. Uhura brought him a present: his command division uniform shirt. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Mister Chekov")

Orbiting Modala.

Stardate 3012.4
Assigned to his first landing party mission, Pavel Chekov accompanied Kirk to Modala, tasked with determining if the Modalans were ready for Federation membership. Unfortunately, the planet was found to be ruled by a military dictatorship. The two officers were captured by police during a terrorist strike, and were forced to destroy their communicators to avoid violating the Prime Directive. (TOS - The Modala Imperative comic: "A Little Seasoning")
While incarcerated on Modala, Kirk and Chekov tried to determine where police energy weapons came from. Meanwhile, Spock and McCoy attempted to track down the missing officers. (TOS - The Modala Imperative comic: "Tools of Tyranny")
Rebel prisoners attempted to escape confinement, as guards spotted Spock and McCoy outside of the citadel. (TOS - The Modala Imperative comic: "The Price of Freedom")
Spock and McCoy were detained and led to an execution platform, but rebels attacked, and the reunited Starfleet officers quickly beamed back to the Enterprise. (TOS - The Modala Imperative comic: "For Whom the Bell Tolls")
Stardate 3034.1
The Enterprise investigated the destruction of the Gamma Xaridian colony by Rithrum raiders, intercepted a Parath'aa fleet and destroyed a stolen plasma cannon which they'd intended to use to conquer a nearby pre-warp civilization. (TOS novel: The Disinherited)
Yeoman Janice Rand took a leave of absence and gave birth to a daughter, Annie Rand, in 2268. Unfortunately, Annie died of an unspecified illness a few weeks later, and Janice decided to return to Starfleet. Although the child's father was never known, Janice believed it to have been the evil transporter duplicate of Captain Kirk. (TOS novel: The Captain's Daughter, TOS episode & Star Trek 8 novelization: The Enemy Within)
In an alternate version of Rand's departure, the Enterprise arrived at Elsinor H-25 to pick up critically wounded Andrew Calloway, Rand's former fiancé, who required artificial life support and constant care. Rand left to provide that care, transferring to the USS Gregory. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Sweet Sorrow")
In another version, Rand left to pursue a course of study at Starfleet Academy, transferring to the Reykjavik. (TOS - Crucible novel: Provenance of Shadows)

Approaching Beta Mariotia III.

Stardate 3001.3
After delivering equipment to Starbase 44, The Enterprise rushed to respond to a distress call from an unexplored sector, and discovered a large space vessel attacking an unprotected colony on Beta Mariotia III. After attempts to communicate with the vessel, the Enterprise managed to draw the vessel's fire while Dr. McCoy led a landing party to the colony. (TOS - No Compromise comic: "Part 1")
Stardate 3005.1
Dr. McCoy discovered that the Harahni colony was being bombarded with intense radiation, and that the continued attacks were starting to kill people. While Commander Scott worked on physical defenses against the attacks, Ensigns Chekov and Julia Crandall worked with the native population on natural defenses in the colony's plant-life. However, Crandall and Spock were soon taken prisoner by rebellious colonists. (TOS - No Compromise comic: "Part 2")
Stardate 3006.4
After refusing to negotiate with the rebels, the colonists realized that they needed the Enterprise's assistance in defeating the vessel as the attacks increase. Scott managed to break through the alien vessel's shields and Captain Kirk and Chekov beamed aboard and discovered that it was a malfunctioning ark, where dead creatures and plants filled the cargo areas. After shutting down the malfunctioning vessel, Ensign Crandall and a scientific team remained behind to study the vessel. (TOS - No Compromise comic: "Part 3")
A Romulan agent posing as Federation Ambassador Courtenay Marshall accompanied the Enterprise to Tondus, a trap intended to capture the landing party and replace them with Romulan agents who could command the Enterprise and lead a fleet of Tondusian strike craft to Earth. Scott launched a fleet of armed shuttles to engage Tondusian ships, rescue the missing landing party, and capture the Romulan agents. (TOS comic: "The Marshall Plan")
When the Enterprise began exploring Sector H-100, disembodied Varkans intercepted and attempted to take over the vessel. (TOS comic: "Thorpex")
The Enterprise was dispatched to locate the missing Survey II. During Galileo's search of Tekkor, cephalopods dragged the shuttle to a submerged city where the surveyor was kept. Eventually, friendly relations were established with the Tekkorians. (TOS comic: "Under the Sea")

Temp. CO Eustace Hensham.

Kirk was injured while helping repair meteoroid damage, and while he recuperated, he was temporarily replaced as CO by Eustace Hensham. During the subsequent investigation, the Enterprise was attacked by an orbital mass driver and became caught in Carnak's gravity well. Hensham panicked, and Spock fired vertical thrusters so that the Enterprise could touch down safely. First contact was made with the Carnak civilization, and eventually the Enterprise was repaired and towed to a launch facility where carrier rockets blasted the ship back into space. (TOS comic: "Where Giants Tread")
The Enterprise crew encountered the Elluvex a few days prior to reaching the Pyris system. The shuttlecraft Aristarchus was aboard and flight ready. (TOS - Crucible novel: The Star to Every Wandering)
Stardate 3018.2
The Enterprise visited Pyris VII. Korob and Sylvia manipulated members of the crew with "magic" tricks, but Sylvia became infatuated with humanoid sensations and became dangerously irrational. In order to escape their influence, Kirk destroyed their transmuter, and the entities quickly perished. (TOS episode & Star Trek 8 novelization: Catspaw)
Stardate 3163.2
As the Enterprise orbited Earth, Scott reactivated an advanced Carthian starship discovered attached to a sunken American Civil War-era blockade runner. The vessel used a long distance transporter to beam Scott through a series of transporter relay stations on different planets. Eventually the Enterprise arrived at the beam's final destination, a transporter station that had been destroyed in a slave revolt. Spock figured out a way for the Enterprise to intercept the beam and rematerialize Scott. (TOS - Strange New Worlds 8 short story: "Shanghaied")
The Enterprise responded to a distress call from the Andorian Thraz Outpost, having been forced by diplomatic protocol to leave Kirk and Spock behind on Pentam V. The crew discovered infant alien entities hatching underground and burrowing to the surface caused dangerous earthquakes, and a tractor beam was used to help the hatchlings emerge with minimal damage to the outpost. The Enterprise returned to retrieve Kirk and Spock from Pentam V. (TOS - Constellations short story: "Ambition")

Encountering Zefram Cochrane.

Stardate 3219.8
While transporting deathly ill Nancy Hedford to the Enterprise, the Galileo was snared by the Companion and brought to Gamma Canaris N, where the crew discovered reclusive Zefram Cochrane. Kirk, Spock and McCoy promised not to reveal his presence there. (TOS episode & Star Trek 7 novelization: Metamorphosis)
Stardate 3234.6
Rebels on Vandros VII shot Kirk with a weapon that induced imaginative delusions, and after beaming up, he thought he was aboard an alternate reality Enterprise. A mind meld refocused Kirk's thoughts, but he was limited to light duty for the next few days. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Eye of the Beholder")

Stardate 32:47.2

The Enterprise transported Prince Raviki to Nukolee to assume the throne. Upon his arrival, he learned that unexplained bouts of madness had been erupting among the population, and while temporarily insane, several people attempted to kill him. General Vlas leveraged the unrest to attempt a coup. After locating the source of the affliction, Kirk and Spock aided Raviki in stopping the coup while McCoy and Scott discovered and administered an antidote. (TOS comic: "A World Gone Mad")

Anzar held Styra for ransom.

Stardate 32:48.6

The Enterprise ferried data modules of the dematerialized planet Styra to another star system as part of Project Atlas. Criminal merchant Anzar and his sister Allura made off with the data and attempted to ransom it on Lurota, but the Enterprise crew were able to recover it. (TOS comic: "The Hijacked Planet")

Stardate 32:75.2

Deposed dictator Trengur used the Guardian of Forever to alter history, assuming dictatorial control of Earth by the mid 21st century. Kirk, Spock and McCoy went back in time to stop him, but failed, ending up in an alternate reality. Eventually they were able to capture Trengur, get back to the prime universe, and return him to an asylum on Oorego IV. (TOS comic: "No Time Like the Past")

Stardate 33:15.5

The Enterprise discovered an inhabited asteroid with a brain at its core which was suffering from Akwood's syndrome. Geologist Freyer was able to lead Kirk and McCoy deep within the giant brain so they could inject an antidote into the cosmozoan. (TOS comic: "The Brain-Damaged Planet")
Stardate 3328.3
The Enterprise dropped off Ensign Laura Herrada to join the staff of the Otari II outpost. (TOS - Waypoint comic: "Come Away, Child")

Destruction of Isis III.

Stardate 33:33.3

The crew of the Enterprise encountered a humanoid personification of the living star Isis shortly before it went supernova. (TOS comic: "Death of a Star")
Stardate 3376.5
Two stasis chambers were recovered from a world annihilated by nuclear war. The telepathic survivors forced the Enterprise crew to join their battle, leading to a saucer separation before the duo could be stopped. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Shinsei Shinsei comic: "'Til Death")
Spock was taken by Klingons and tortured with a mind-ripper. Enterprise crew rescued him, using the captured device to enter Spock's mind and help him recover. Meanwhile, two D7-class battlecruisers pursued and damaged the ship's warp drive. (TOS - Constellations short story: "Chaotic Response")
Stardate 3458.2
After signing a treaty with the Federation, Maabas ambassador Pippenge was returned to his homeworld by the Enterprise. Arriving at Maaba S'Ja, they found the planet's prior inhabitants, the Kenisians, had returned demanding the world be ceded back to them. Kenisian stole unstable na'hubis from the planet's mines as a weapon to take vengeance on the Sahntiek who'd abducted and enslaved their race millennia ago. The Enterprise voyaged to the Sahntiek's system, finding that planet had been invaded and occupied by another race. Eventually Kenisians and Maabas began negotiations to share their world. (TOS novel: Crisis of Consciousness)
Stardate 3497.2
On Capella IV, Teer Akaar was killed by his rival Maab with Klingon help. The Klingon plan to subvert the planet failed thanks to efforts by Kirk, Spock and McCoy. (TOS episode & Star Trek 3 novelization: Friday's Child)
In the Skirmish at Capella, a third of the ship's crew engaged in a violent ground battle against Klingon forces. Eventually, Klingon General Kellen ceded Capella to the Federation in order to gain Kirk's help in averting an invasion by the Furies. The Enterprise and a Klingon fleet made contact with Zennor of the Rath, which was eventually destroyed, nearly taking the Enterprise with it. Shuttles rescued lifepods from several of the Klingon ships in the aftermath of the Battle of Garamanus. (TOS - Invasion! novel: First Strike)


Stardate 3468.1
The Enterprise crew encountered Apollo on Pollux IV. (TOS episode & Star Trek 7 novelization: Who Mourns for Adonais?)
Stardate 3479.9
Carolyn Palamas gave birth to Apollo's child shortly after the encounter. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Of Woman Born")
Stardate 3372.7
Driven by pon farr, Spock was compelled to return to Vulcan to marry his betrothed T'Pring. (TOS episode & Star Trek 3 novelization: Amok Time)
Stardate 3372.7
The Enterprise traversed two space lanes while rerouting from Altair VI to Vulcan. (TOS reference: Star Trek Maps)


Stardate 3372.7
T'Pring invoked her right to kal-if-fee, choosing Kirk as her champion to battle Spock to the death. Spock won the challenge, mistakenly believing to have killed Kirk when in actuality McCoy had sedated him. (TOS episode & Star Trek 3 novelization: Amok Time, TOS novel: Planet of Judgment)
Stardate 3378
The Enterprise orbited Altair VI while crew attended inauguration ceremonies. (TOS novel: Living Memory)
Stardate 3290.1
The Enterprise returned to Mestiko to help restore the planet's atmosphere a few years after a rogue pulsar wrought havoc on the world's ecology. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBook: The Centre Cannot Hold)
Stardate 3375.3
After taking aboard new crewmembers at Starbase 7, the Enterprise was ordered to observe voting on the planet Nador on whether the Nadorians would join the Federation. While in orbit the Enterprise was attacked by Nadorian terrorists, who attempted unsuccessfully to assassinate their rulers, Abon and Delor. McCoy was forced to separate the conjoined twins, and both survived. (TOS novel: Gemini)
Stardate 3391.6
As the Enterprise transported a Gorn diplomatic delegation, an aide attempted to sabotage and destroy the ship. (TOS - New Visions comic: "More of the Serpent Than the Dove")
Stardate 3421.7
The Enterprise detected movement on uninhabited Tactis II. A landing party discovered a Tactisian entity on the asteroid, which duplicated the Galileo shuttlecraft, a video camera robot, and created convincing doubles of Kirk, Calder, Scott, and McCoy. (TOS comic: "The Mimicking Menace")
Stardate 3471.4
The Federation lost contact with the agricultural colony on Beta Nirobi II and dispatched the Enterprise to investigate. Montgomery Scott repaired their transmitter and learned that his future wife Glynnis Campbell was living there. (TOS comic: "Retrospect")

Stardate 35:05.7

A crashed scout on Phygma IV was being salvaged by Klingons. Under Phygman law, a battle between the two forces using mechanitron walking vehicles determined that the planet would subsequently be allied with the Federation. (TOS - Waypoint comic: "The Menace of the Mechanitrons")

A Borg sphere.

Stardate 3519.7
The Enterprise encountered a severely damaged Borg sphere responsible for destroying Outpost Omega-70. The vessel's crew died from radiation exposure, but the now automated ship was armed with a weapon that could implode a planet's core. The Enterprise was able to destroy the rogue vessel before it destroyed Tau Gamma IV. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Resistance")

The doomsday machine.

Stardate 4202.9
The Enterprise faced off against a planet killer. Kirk overloaded the impulse engines of the USS Constellation to disable the automated weapon. (TOS episode & Star Trek 3 novelization: The Doomsday Machine)
Inside a Jefferies tube, Yeoman Leslie Thompson aided Scott in repairing the ship's transporter and beaming Kirk off of the Constellation before it auto destructed. (TOS - Waypoint comic: "Legacy")
Stardate 4203.4
The Enterprise discovered an ancient fighter escort that had been pursuing the doomsday machine for three million years in an attempt to destroy it. When the Enterprise confronted the alien, he revealed both his origins and that of the weapon before his overworked engines exploded, killing him. (TOS - New Visions comic: "Cry Vengeance")
Stardate 4203.5
Just after the encounter with the doomsday machine, the Enterprise received a distress signal from Subcommander T'Cel's stricken Romulan bird-of-prey, having encountered the same extradimensional beings responsible for the destruction of the USS Farragut in 2257. (TOS comic: "Debt of Honor")
Stardate 4208.5
Kirk recorded a personal log on Matthew Decker's sacrifice as well as the deaths of the crew of the Constellation. (TOS - The Brave and the Bold, Book One novella: The First Artifact)


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