Admiral Voysey was a 23rd century Human man. In the mid 2260s he was the highest-ranking officer of the Federation Starfleet and served as its commander-in-chief. (TOS comic: "To Rule the Universe")

At that time, he appeared to be in his 60s. He had thinning, gray hair and wore a mustache. His office was located in the Federation's capital city, and he displayed a star chart behind his desk. (TOS comic: "By Order of the Empire")

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In the mid 2260s, when the Perithees Alliance's Ambassador Sork was kidnapped while visiting the USS Enterprise, Voysey and James T. Kirk agreed that only the Romulan Empire would benefit from such an abduction. Voysey sent the Enterprise to Tekton, the nearest Romulan-controlled planet, in hopes of recovering Sork. (TOS comic: "The Perithees Alliance")

After the Enterprise disabled a flying saucer near the Beton star system and recovered a stolen Federation G-50X rocket plane, Voysey briefed Kirk on similar unexplained thefts of Earth vehicles that had gone on for centuries. In particular, Voysey cited a B-36 Peacemaker in 1972 and a strategic hovercraft in 1984. He then assigned the Enterprise to investigate. (TOS comic: "The Collector")

When the Enterprise initiated first contact with Plixes, Plixean doubles assumed the identities of Kirk and Spock. Unaware of the duplicity, Voysey approved a request from "Kirk" to personally address the Federation Council and granted clearance for "Kirk" and "Spock" to enter the Federation Council Chambers. (TOS comic: "To Rule the Universe")

After a Klingon battlecruiser destroyed a Starfleet surveyor, a frustrated Voysey confided privately with a fellow admiral that it might take a total war with the Klingon Empire to resolve their differences. He decided at least to strengthen strategic defense alliances, and subsequently dispatched the Enterprise on a diplomatic mission to the planet Lothor in hopes of establishing a military outpost there. (TOS comic: "By Order of the Empire")

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