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The Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts occupies a complex of unassuming low stone buildings and amphitheatres in the tiny village of Xen'tal in southeastern Gol on the planet Vulcan.

The entire village contains little more than the Institute, a small shuttle port and transporter center, and an inn that houses short-term students and visiting instructors. At the Institute, one can obtain training in Vulcan martial arts techniques like ponn-ifla or kareel-ifla, or in ancient weapons like the lirpa or the ahn-woon, along with a collection of bruises, sprains, and even the occasional broken bone; all of which can be treated by Healers in residence if they become serious.

Of course, since even the most expert practitioner of the lirpa can do little against a capable foe with a ranged energy weapon like a phaser, much of this training has no practical application except for ceremonial exhibitions. However, the real value of the stringent Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts regimen is the manner in which it disciplines the body in the same way that the practice of logic disciplines the mind.

Although past students of the Institute include such prominent Federation personages as Captain Hikaru Sulu, the VIDA may soon play a much different role in Vulcan affairs. VIDA's weapons masters have a natural affinity for the ancient tales of the exiled sons of Vulcan who became the wellspring of the Romulan race. They have thrown in their lot with Ambassador Spock's attempts to negotiate some sort of reunification with the Romulans. To that end, the Institute complex presently houses two young Romulan warriors, Rual and Khazan, who have been brought to Vulcan in secret to learn more of the ancient ways. It is Ambassador Spock's hope eventually to sponsor these young men for admission into the Vulcan Science Academy at ShirKahr, if they can successfully stay out of trouble until then. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

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