A pair of hoverboats

A Vulcan hoverboat is a type of flying vehicle used by the Vulcans of the Last-of-all-Cities colony on Darien 224.

Each hoverboat was armed with four larger energy cannons which emitted powerful beams of red energy.

In 2254 a group of three hoverboats rescued a landing party from the USS Enterprise which were under attack by an opposing group of Vulcans. The landing party was then taken aboard one of the hoverboats and taken to the Vulcan colony.

The Darien Vulcans originated from Vulcan prior to Time of Awakening and many of there traditions and technologies had not changed since they left, so, these vehicles may have been used on Vulcan as early as the 3rd century. (EV comic: Cloak and Dagger)

The vehicles were not named in the comic, they hover and look and look like boats.
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