Vykul Marto was a male Payav from the Tazokka nation-state of Mestiko in the 23rd century. Vykul was a highly charismatic person, and an admirer of the Norrb warlord Traal. Vykul used his interpersonal talents to found the Torye, a political group opposed the Zamestaad's heavy reliance on the Federation for aid. Vykul advocated for the strengthening Mestiko, assertion of their independence and finding of new off-world allies.

In 2291, Vykul lead the Torye attack on the Discovery Center on Varnex, a moon of Mestiko, stealing an experimental subspace-disruption weapon, and killing nineteen people. He had arranged to give the weapon to renegade Klingon Captain Klaa in exchange for the location of a secret Klingon mobile battle base. However, Vykul double-crossed Klaa, attacking him and keeping the weapon, with the intent of taking the Klingon base and using it to overthrown the Mestiko government.

Vykul's plot was stopped by the combined efforts of Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise-A and Captain Kang of the IKS K'tanco, and he was killed when the base was consumed in a subspace rift created by the weapon. (TOS eBook: Mere Anarchy: The Blood-Dimmed Tide)

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