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W. M. Jefferies was a male Human serving in the Earth Starfleet and later the Federation Starfleet as an engineering officer in the 22nd century.

He was married to Jennifer Anne MacIntyre in 2137. He was a descendant of the 18th century Scottish Jacobites Seamus and Megan MacIntyre. (TOS novel: Home Is the Hunter)

He was in charge of the engineering team with the rank of captain working on the NX Program in 2143. Charles Tucker III was on Jefferies's team. (ENT episode: "First Flight")

He was still working on the Program when the NX-01 Enterprise was launched in 2151; he had occasion to argue with Captain Jonathan Archer over how heavily armed the NX-class should be. Archer was against increased armament, but after the Xindi crisis began to think Jefferies may have been right. (ENT episode: "Home")

By 2163, Jefferies had been promoted to commodore serving in the Federation Starfleet and was working on a plan to integrate the newly formed fleet for new designs, such as the Wasp class and Bonaventure class, to incorporate the best from every species' technology. (ENT novel: A Choice of Futures)

He was the father of Benjamin McDonald-Jefferies and the grandfather of Frederick William Jefferies, who went on to design the Jefferies tube. (TOS novel: Home Is the Hunter)

Jefferies was honored with a holoframe in the Tucker Memorial Building. (SCE eBook: The Future Begins)

His full name was given as "George William Jefferies" in the TOS novel: Home Is the Hunter and he was called "George" in ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing.

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