Wahlkon was a male Narisian who lived during the late 24th century.

At some point, Wahlkon's sister, Garamet, was initiated into Narisia's space program as the equivalent of a test pilot, and she was given an implant near her right temple to control the secrets, similar to all other initiates. In 2370, Garamet was ordered by her Proctor to search the Narisian system and surrounding space for anything the Wise Ones may have left behind, and discovered an abandoned 23rd century B'rel-class Klingon bird-of-prey, and was injured in a collision with another Narisian as she went to claim it, disabling her implant. The Proctors became suspicious when she was gone for too long, and then threatened Wahlkon if she did not return. Garamet was able to get to Wahlkon first and flee the system, but the couplers blew, and the two abandoned the craft in an Oort cloud and transferred to a Federation shuttlecraft, where they began broadcasting a general distress call.

Retired Starfleet Captain Montgomery Scott aboard the Federation shuttlecraft Goddard picked up the distress call and came to their aid, beaming them off their shuttlecraft after Garamet claimed the Proctors were chasing them, which made Wahlkon and Garamet believe he was one of the Wise Ones, although they eventually suspected he was not. Using their recovered shuttle, Scott was able to draw the Proctor vessel away and double back to locate the bird-of-prey, which Scott silently renamed Bounty 2; Garamet was not upset that Scott claimed the ship for himself, and he convinced Wahlkon and his brother to not mention it in any report to Starfleet. When Scott offered to take them to the nearest Starbase or back to the Narisian system, Garamet was thrilled to see firsthand what the Federation was like and Wahlkon was happy to go wherever his sister went, as Wahlkon would have ended up killed or a prisoner if he returned to his home system. (Star Trek novel: Engines of Destiny)

Although Scott agreed to drop Wahlkon and Garamet off at the nearest Starbase, it is unclear if they ended up there or if they ended up on the USS Enterprise-D before it went back in time to stop Scott from changing the timeline.
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