A waldo was a type of robot, a small probe used aboard Federation starships in the 23rd century.

History and specificsEdit

It could be remotely controlled, had a grappler arm, and could transmit video.

In 2270, when the Enterprise was breached by an inter-dimensional contact point with another universe, the main power coupling was lost in the other universe. Montgomery Scott and Lieutenant Jerry Dubois considered using a waldo to retrieve the coupler. However, an unusual power drain created by the phenomenon would hamper the robot's efficiency. They would be able to remote-control the device, since data could be transmitted both ways, but because visual data could not, they wouldn't be able to see what the robot was grabbing on to. Instead, Dubois and later Spock crossed the threshold to retrieve the coupler and save the ship. (TOS - The New Voyages short story: "Intersection Point")




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