The Walk was a coming of age ritual on the planet Sivao.

To be accepted by Sivaoans as an adult, James T. Kirk and his first contact party took the Walk to Sretalles. Along with two other Sivaoans, Jinks and Brightspot. During a normal walk you are allowed to take with you:

  • Usefuls
  • a knife.
  • Spears (which Chekov outfitted with a fire-hardened stone point)
  • Anything else that could be made by their hands before they left.

For the humans a few Exceptions were made, they were allowed to bring:

  • Universal Translators
  • Two bottles of alcohol, for medicinal purposes
  • Uhura's music instrument
Their Phasers and communicators were not allowed and they had to return them to the ship.
Those who didn't complete the walk, stay children all there live or 'took the other road' suicide

A communicator and Dr Evan Wilsons's medical supplies were given to an adult Sivaoan messenger sent ahead to Sretalles (TOS novel: Uhura's Song)

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