Lieutenant Walter Baxter was a human Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Voyager in the 2370s.

Although he worked in the field of security, Baxter maintained an interest in several sciences, including archaeology and geology. (ST:CCG: "Captain's Log")

A few weeks after becoming stranded in the Delta Quadrant, Commander Chakotay ordered Baxter and Ensign Seska to take the unconscious Captain Kathryn Janeway to sickbay during a Dresh attack. (VOY short story: "Command Code").

As a security officer, Baxter was often in Voyager's gymnasium to maintain peak fitness levels. This often resulted in numerous trips to sickbay with broken bones and torn ligaments. During the early days, he was highly dismissimive of the Doctor, but this soon changed when the Doctor threatened to inform Captain Janeway of his constant visits to sickbay. (VOY episode: "Eye of the Needle").

Some time later, Baxter was in the gym when Voyager encountered a spatial distortion. The ship's environmental controls malfunctioned and the temperature in the gym dropped below 10°C. Baxter then spent several hours wandering the corridors of Voyager lost, as the ship's internal structure was changing during an encounter with a spatial distortion. (VOY episode: "Twisted")

Baxter inexplicably appeared in a red command division uniform in his first appearance.
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