Wan'Brek was a 23rd century Makon man. He was a government official on the planet Makon III and served as president of the Makon City-States.


Wan'Brek was an elitist, in charge of a nation-state which treated professionals such as doctors and engineers as second-class citizens. He maintained a cold-war military stalemate against the Mols, members of an opposing nation-state. When his thinkers discovered evidence of intelligent life off-world, he instigated a project to develop warp drive in hopes of joining the interstellar community.

In 2268, after his nation's first warp flight drew the attention of the starship USS Enterprise, Wan'Brek invited a Federation delegation to an evening meal along with leading officials Del'Chan and Dol'Rum. He became defiant when Captain James T. Kirk mentioned his next step in first contact would be to meet with other world leaders. He demanded an exclusive relationship with the Federation because his nation had developed warp drive.

When a guard saw one of their thinkers being beamed up with Kirk, Wan'Brek took his own scientists hostage. When Kirk returned with his guest Jeena, Wan'Brek accused him of stealing property and ordered him to surrender his phaser. When Kirk refused, Wan'Brek ordered the landing party seized and threatened to kill all of the scientists. After the confrontation ended, Kirk told Wan'Brek that Makon could not join the galactic community until it had better relations with its fellow nation-states. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Uchu comic: "Inalienable Rights")



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