A Wanoni tracehound is a canine animal indigenous to the planet Arak III.

Similar to a Terran mastiff, Wanoni tracehounds possess exoskeletal armor plates and venomous spined neck frills. When they are fully grown, Wanoni tracehounds can be more than two meters in length and weigh more than one hundred and fifty kilograms. They also have the ability to run at speeds of seventy kilometers an hour for extended periods. Wanoni tracehounds also have excellent senses of smell and hearing, with the lateral including subaural and ultrasonic frequencies. However, their vision is heat based and cannot see motion at more than one hundred meters. In the wild, Wanoni tracehounds are solitary.

Domesticated Wanoni tracehounds have been taken from Arak III to many worlds, due to their popularity among law enforcement agencies and hunters. Unlike their counterparts in the wild, domesticated tracehounds are willing to hunt in packs. (ST reference: The Starfleet Survival Guide)

In 2369, Odo compared Lwaxana Troi, who was pursuing him romantically, as like being a Wanoni tracehound. (DS9 episode: "The Forsaken")

According to the RPG sourcebook Creatures, Wanoni tracehounds were native to Betazed.

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