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The starship Hawking transports down a security team to a planet in the DMZ, searching for Chakotay. Lead by Lieutenant Costello, they find Commander Kelloway, chief engineer of the Grissom, who reports that he was on vacation in Risa when he met a woman. She seemed impressed by who he was, although she only feigned interest to render him unconscious and to bring him to the DMZ, where he was forced by two of the woman's associates to repair their vessels. Kelloway identifies his kidnappers as the Maquis, who left the base when they thought the Federation were on the way to intercept them.

Costello brings Kelloway to the Grissom, where they meet with Admiral Necheyev and Gul Evek. Kelloway's story is found out to be lie when he attempts to kill Gul Evek, but he is felled by a nerve pinch from a Vulcan security officer, who learned that there was no record of Kelloway's shore leave on Risa.

Evek's ship detects Chakotay's ship, which is heading for the Badlands. Evek leaves to pursue Chakotay while Admiral Nechayev contacts Captain Janeway to inform her as well.



CostelloAman EvekFelatKellowayAlynna Nechayev
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ChakotayKathryn Janeway


Demilitarized Zone
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BadlandsRigel VIIRisa

Starships and vehicles

USS Hawking
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USS GrissomValoris

Races and cultures


States and organizations

MaquisStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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The title card from the story.

  • The story has been listed as both "Wargames" and "War Games" when being referenced in both Malibu publicity material and story reviews, as the words were split across two lines, in two different fonts.[citation needed]
  • "War Games" serves as a lead-in to "Caretaker", the pilot episode of Star Trek: Voyager. It is a prequel to The Maquis: Soldier of Peace by the same writer.



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