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Introduction (blurb)[]

Book One

Twice, Overseer Biron of the Androssi has been thwarted by the crew of the U.S.S. da Vinci. In order to be prepared for their next encounter, he has obtained the records of the crew's past adventures during the brutal war against the Dominion.... Trapped behind enemy lines after a difficult victory, the damaged U.S.S. Sentinel must find its way home without engaging any superior hostile forces. When they encounter a Breen ship, it's up to Chief Engineer Sonya Gomez to trick them into thinking they aren't what they appear to be. Meanwhile, Dr. Elizabeth Lense of the U.S.S. Lexington must deal with the war's overwhelming carnage, while on Starbase 92, cryptographer Bart Faulwell has an encounter that will change his life forever!

Book Two

To prevent his being defeated by the S.C.E. crew of the U.S.S. da Vinci a third time, Overseer Biron of the Androssi has decided to learn about his enemies by studying their adventures during the conflict with the Dominion.... Following the battle at Chin'toka, the Federation captured a small ship inside a Jem'Hadar war vessel. The da Vinci's S.C.E. team led by Sonya Gomez's predecessor, Commander Salek of Vulcan - must determine the nature of the small ship. But will the mysterious vessel prove to be beneficial to the war effort - or deadly?


War Stories is in fact four stand-alone stories, connected by the Overseer Biron framing material. It was originally published as two eBooks, and later reprinted, with minimal changes to the linking material, in the SCE print compilation Wildfire.



Framing Story (Stardate 53675.1)
Stardate 51246.9
Heather AndersonAntonacciCavanaughJulianna CoxEberlingFornnelFiona GallowayGriscomHalprinHasegawaGarth JensonKumagaiElizabeth LenseRachel MithraRodgersPhil SeldenSorianoMan-Fai WanWilhoite
Stardate 52601.6
BikkDuVallBart FaulwellJaníce KerasusKoikeAnthony MarkRoxana NovacGanris PhrebingtonT'LuraTerence Throckmorton
Stardate 52646.1
Anna Maria AmalfitanoSonya GomezGrimnarMartokNataleMiles O'BrienKuljit PatelWilliam RossSimasBenjamin SiskoSteinbergPrynn Tenmei
Stardate 51993.8
110111Carol AbramowitzAhmed al-RashidJohn CopperDomenica CorsiStephen DrewKieran DuffyDiego FelicianoDavid GoldVance HawkinsIna MarDavid McAllanChan OkhaP8 BlueSalekFabian StevensTydoanDon WalshSandy WetzelSongmin Wong
Referenced only 
Fayah al-RashidReginald BarclayElla ClancyGar CostaWesley CrusherSkrain DukatRachel GilmanKira NerysEnrique MuñizMairin ni BhroaninKeiko O'BrienKirayoshi O'BrienMolly O'BrienDenny RussellSitakLian T'suAlmira Van Der WeirWorfZek

Starships and vehicles[]

"The Beast" • USS AldebaranUSS AppalachiaUSS BergenUSS BodøUSS da VinciUSS DefiantUSS FredricksonUSS HonshuUSS HuygensUSS KhwarizmiUSS LexingtonUSS LillehammerUSS MonitorUSS MusashiUSS MusgraveUSS NarvikUSS OsloUSS PiscesUSS SchiaparelliUSS SentinelUSS SloaneUSS StavangerUSS SutherlandUSS T'KumbraUSS T'PoraUSS TromsøUSS Trondheim


Avinall VIIBeta ArgolaCalufrax IVChin'tokaDeep Space 9Dimension 7ElvanEmpok NorGnalaKursican Orbial PlatformMarsOrias IIIPhicus systemSarindarSector 25013Setlik systemSetlik IVSherman's PlanetStarbase 92Starbase 96Starbase 314Starbase 375TyraUtopia Planitia

Races and cultures[]

AndrossiBolianBreenBynarDosaiFerengiFoundersGnalishHlangryHuman (Navajo) • Jem'HadarKaremmaMunquTamarianVortaWadiYridian

States and organizations[]

DominionFerengi Commerce AuthorityStarfleetStarfleet Intelligence

Other references[]

grakizhlanguageMaeglinNavajoNeo-Gothic literatureOverseersorial estarifoSub-Overseertulaberry wine

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Year of Hell, Part I
USS Lexington
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You Are Cordially Invited
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Tacking Into the Wind
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The Human Factor
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