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Wardoff was a 23rd century Human man. He served aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the 2260s under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.


In 2269, Wardoff led a six-man landing party to the surface of an unnamed planet to investigate a structure that could not have been built by the indigenous population. He and his team dressed in native garb to avoid drawing attention. They entered the structure and passed through a dimensional doorway into a laboratory run by an advanced crab-like alien scientist. Wardoff and his team were tested like lab animals. One dark chamber in its maze-like compound contained a tentacled creature living within a pool of water. Its strong tentacles were able to grasp a body and drag it underwater, and at least one member of Wardoff's party died fighting the creature, leaving a drained phaser behind.

After Wardoff failed to report in after 12 hours, Kirk beamed down with a rescue party. Wardoff and three surviving team members were released once the scientist realized that the landing party members were intelligent. Wardoff reappeared on the planet's surface, startled and unaware of how he and his team had made it back. (TOS - The New Voyages 2 short story: "In the Maze")

Wardoff likely served in the sciences division, because of the nature of his mission, but this was not explicitly stated.



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