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The Ware was the name of a group of automated maintenance/repair facilities that the United Earth Starfleet, and later the Federation Starfleet, encountered in the mid-22nd century.

History and specifications[]

The first encounter, in the year 2152, was the result of Captain Jonathan Archer's Enterprise being badly damaged by a Romulan minefield, which left the ship unable to exceed warp 2.5. This meant that it would have taken the ship about ten years or so to reach Jupiter station, and even then, the station would take about three months to fully repair the damage. Thanks to a Tellarite freighter captain, they found an automated repair facility which seemed friendly, but Archer was suspicious, saying that "something doesn't smell right". It turned out that he was correct to be suspicious when the cost of the repairs was not just 200 liters of warp plasma, but also the body of one of his crew members, Ensign Travis Mayweather. They ended up rescuing Mayweather and escaping and destroying the station, but then the repair facility began automatically repairing itself. (ENT episodes: "Minefield", "Dead Stop")

In 2165, the Federation starship USS Pioneer, under the command of Captain Malcolm Reed (the Enterprise's former armory officer), received an automated distress call from another freighter captain, which described her attackers. It sounded eerily familiar to Reed and first officer Travis Mayweather, now a Lieutenant Commander. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)

Later that year, a joint task force of Human and Andorian forces was assembled to find and put a stop to the spread of the Ware. Though they discovered a partially effective solution for disabling the Ware, they found themselves in legal trouble when one of the vessels in the task force forcibly disabled the Ware on a world of the Partnership of Civilizations, a group of civilizations that had achieved a symbiosis of sorts with the Ware, and their deactivation had serious consequences on the Partnership worlds.

Eventually, the entire Ware technological network was disabled and destroyed by the Klingon Empire with the aid of Section 31. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Live by the Code)

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