Warlock Station was a monitoring and research station orbiting the Black Star, jointly administered by Starfleet and the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations.

Service historyEdit

By the end of June 2365, the Black Star and Warlock Station were located in Sector 006 near the major space lanes connecting Andor to Sol and Alpha Centauri, but not close enough to cause undue concern.

On stardate 42691.62, a chroniton surge was detected approximately thirty-two degrees ahead of the station's orbit, positioned where the station would be in six-point-seven hours. After investigating, station personnel discovered wreckage and humanoid remains at that position. It was Warlock Station and their own bodies, but slightly out of dimensional phase.

Head of the facility, Commander Rif jav Balkar, ordered a full evacuation and, at the last possible moment, was the last person to leave aboard a shuttlepod. The station was not destroyed, but an energy vortex appeared and engulfed the shuttlepod. Once the vortex dissipated, the wreckage of the station disappeared to be replaced with debris consistant with that of a shuttlepod which had exploded nearly seven hours earlier.

Among the compliment of embarked craft was the runabout USS Brin. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

Crew manifestEdit

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