Warren Woods was a Human male enlisted in the MACO and later in the Federation Starfleet, in the mid-22nd century.


In 2153, Woods was in Major Joss Hayes's company as a private that was assigned to the Enterprise (NX-01) during the mission to find the Xindi in the Delphic Expanse.

Woods participated in several engagements during the mission to find the Xindi superweapon. In February 2154, he was one of the few MACO volunteers chosen by Lieutenant Malcolm Reed to join the mission to board the Xindi weapon. (ENT episodes: "Countdown", "Zero Hour")

In 2161, after the founding of the United Federation of Planets, the MACOs, including Woods, were absorbed into the Federation Starfleet's security division and given the rank of crewman.

In October 2162, it was discovered by Dr. Phlox that a few officers in Starfleet apparently had some genetic damage done to them on a subatomic level due to extensive use of the transporter over the years, with Warren Woods being one of these officers. (ENT novel: A Choice of Futures)



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