Domesticated Warrigul

A domesticated warrigul in the mining settlement on Khoal in the Hfihar system.

Warriguls (also known as jadashhas) were predatory reptilian quadrupeds found in Romulan space and kept as pets by both Klingons and Romulans. They somewhat resembled Terran dogs or Vulcan le-matyas.

The Klingon commander Kruge had owned a pet warrigul since he was a youth, and let the animal sit beside him on the bridge of his bird-of-prey. The warrigul accompanied him during his exploration of the Genesis Planet, but died shortly afterwards during a battle with the USS Enterprise. (TOS movie & novelization: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

In the 25th century, domesticated warriguls were a common sight in the Romulan mining colony on the moon Khoal in the Hfihar system. Wild or feral warriguls roamed the outskirts of the colony, and were prone to attack any passers-by on sight. (STO mission: "Mine Enemy")

In 2409 Orion Syndicate boss Hassan the Undying attempted to kill a starship commander sent to apprehend him by siccing warriguls on them in gladiatorial combat. (STO mission: "The Undying")

Tal Shiar Colonel Hakeev used warriguls, among other animals, to test the combat abilities of his prisoners in an arena in the Nopada system. Wild warriguls could also be found in the desert canyons of Nopada. (STO mission: "Coliseum")



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"Warrigul", also spelled "warragul" or "warrigal", is an alternate name for the Australian dingo in one Australian Aboriginal language.

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