Warriors of Andor were a group that existed within Andorian society.

They were noted as one of the greatest smears in their races honor. The Warriors of Andor were an anti-Federation terrorist group that developed from an Andorian clan that refused to "surrender" to the Terran alliance. This led to them becoming outlaws that sought to depose Andor's ruling clan and sever their races ties with the Federation. After an unsuccessful coup, Andorian authorities managed to capture most of the group though some managed to escape off world. These renegades became one of the most boldest terrorist groups within Federation space and retained their name, much to the disgust of the more honorable Andorian warriors.

These terrorists conducted campaigns of bombing, assassinations and kidnapping throughout Federation space on an almost annual basis. Starfleet Intelligence placed them on their top ten public enemies list and conducted several missions in order to find their base of operations. It was, however, believed that if the Andorian Clan of Combat discovered the Warriors of Andor first, then it was likely they would never make it to trial. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

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