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Watching the Clock is a Star Trek novel by Christopher L. Bennett, published by Pocket Books in 2011. The novel is the first in the Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations series.


There's likely no more of a thankless job in the Federation than temporal investigation. While starship explorers get to live the human adventure of traveling to other times and realities, it's up to the dedicated agents of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations to deal with the consequences to the timestream that the rest of the Galaxy has to live with day by day. But when history as we know it could be wiped out at any moment by time warriors from the future, misused relics of ancient races, or accident-prone starships, only the most disciplined, obsessive, and unimaginative government employees have what it takes to face the existential uncertainty of it all on a daily basis . . . and still stay sane enough to complete their assignments.
That's where Agents Lucsly and Dulmur come in—stalwart and unflappable, these men are the Federation's unsung anchors in a chaotic universe. Together with their colleagues in the DTI—and with the help and sometimes hindrance of Starfleet's finest—they do what they can to keep the timestream, or at least the paperwork, as neat and orderly as they are. But when a series of escalating temporal incursions threatens to open a new front of the history-spanning Temporal Cold War in the twenty-fourth century, Agents Lucsly and Dulmur will need all their investigative skill and unbending determination to stop those who wish to rewrite the past for their own advantage, and to keep the present and the future from devolving into the kind of chaos they really, really hate.


Stardate 58188.4 - 58193.8

At the San Francisco branch of the Department of Temporal Investigations, Special Agent George Faunt suffers a breakdown, and holds researcher Rani Mohindra hostage, a situation resolved by Special Agents Marion Dulmur and Gariff Lucsly.

The USS Everett arrives in the Regulus System to rendezvous with the Verity, a civilian transport ship that had arrived in the present, having unwillingly travelled fifteen years into its future. During their investigation, Dulmur and Lucsly discover that upon discovering the devastation of the previous Borg attack (ST novel: Lost Souls), the crew and passengers decided to travel back to their original time, in an effort to warn the Federation of the attack. Teresa Garcia is beaten by the others in an attempt to sabotage the return journey, being the only one onboard who voted against it. Adding to damage the Verity had already sustained during its initial time-travel, Garcia was successful, and the ship and those on board remain in their future.


Stardate 41697.9 - 41906.7

Dulmur, working as a detective for the Chandra Detective Agency on the Nehru Colony, is thwarted in his efforts to catch a thief named Daisen Hamor by the effects of a temporal experiment by Dr. Paul Manheim, and as a result was fired by Chandra. Dulmur sets out to find Manheim and ensure he is brought to justice, but he is intercepted by DTI agents Borvala and Lucsly. When Dulmur learned of the DTI's mission, he expresses his interest in joining.


Stardate 58281.1 - 58365.9

Clare Raymond, works as a counselor for DTI's Temporal Displacement Division. As someone displaced from her original time, this makes her ideal for the job. She and Teresa Garcia are discussing their experiences.

Garcia is now a recruit training to join DTI. She is taking classes with other recruits at DTI's headquarters located at Greenwich, UK, at the Royal Observatory.

After a period of time, other recruits have dropped out, but Garcia remains. Apparently humans are a minority in DTI. Her training covers temporal physics, investigative techniques and combat. The Temporal Cold War is touched upon as well.


Stardate 42692.8 - 42704.5

Dulmur now a junior agent is paired with Lucsly to investigate an incident at Warlock Station.

The station experienced a temporal event and later was destroyed. It was located in the sector with a singularity called the 'Black Star' which is suspected as the cause for multiple temporal events in the past. The station's purpose was to monitor the anomaly.

The incident that happened at Warlock Station, also happened to the USS Enterprise-D in the past.

Later on they find a way to predict when another of the temporal event will happen. Dulmur realizes the common connection. The Enterprise was involved in the temporal event caused by Paul Manheim and his temporal experiments. That experiment and the later incident affecting the Enterprise, both Manheim and Picard reported a consciousness of some kind.

Dulmur thinks that Manheim's dislike for certain people was 'impressed' onto whatever consciousness his mind was touched by during his experiment.

And this consciousness has now being attacking those people. Dulmur is proved right.


Stardate 58699.8 - 58738.9


Stardate 58699.8 - 58738.9


Stardate 43731.5 - 43738.6


Stardate 58746.7 - 58806.9


Stardate 45703.8 - 46008.2


Stardate 58923.8 - 59046.6


Stardate 49572.0 - 50912.6


Stardate 59061.4 - 59087.2


Stardate 55049.0 - 55089.5


Stardate 59087.2 - 59155.0


Undisclosed date

Lucsly meets with agents from the temporal agencies of the Typhon Pact, Klingon Empire, Vomnin, Sheliak and Regnancy of the Carnelian Throne in secret. Dulmur has by this point been promoted to a desk job. At the meeting, Lucsly notes that the attendees are unimportant - they are not starship captains, presidents or heroes; they are middle-men, and so will be mostly ignored by history. This puts them in a perfect position to create and deliver a massive project - the Temporal Defense Grid - entirely in secret. It will be the work of decades if not generations he notes, but says that it can be accomplished - and kept out of the history books - by those who take a sufficiently long view of time.



DTI personnel

Loom Aleek-OmLaarin AndosI'stel BorahBorvalaMarion DulmurGeorge FauntFelbog Bu-Tsop-VeeTeresa GarciaFarimah HamidiVirum KalnotaGelim KreinnsGariff LucslyRani MohindraStewart PeartMeyo RanjeaClare RaymondSaniothShelanSonajT'VissTeyakStijen Yol
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Starfleet personnel

Sagar bav BalkarJuel DucaneEmro GanazeelKathryn JanewayMara Kadray
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Jonathan ArcherRif jav BalkarBraxtonDataThe DoctorJames T. KirkMiles O'BrienSeven of NineBenjamin SiskoSpockHikaru Sulu

USS Bozeman personnel

Claudia AlisovMorgan BatesonLloyd BoenCohenJoaquin PerezHeather PetersenShelithan ch'RiinSiemaszkoParvana WhitcombZane

USS Everett personnel

Claudia Alisov • Heather Petersen • PrestonIan PurvisT'Manis

USS Enterprise-E personnel

Jasminder ChoudhuryDina ElfikiJean-Luc PicardWorf
Referenced only
Adrienne MarkhamMetta Tharys

USS Titan personnel

Ellec KrotineMelora PazlarWilliam T. RikerDeanna Troi
Referenced only
Peya Fell

Temporal Agents

B'etathTimot Danlen/Daniels • Rodal EightKorathMenethRiroa NadaméNartCyral NineJena NoiRevad
Referenced only
Gary SevenVuri

Verity crew and passengers

Falvin Dor • Teresa Garcia • Vorlis KlegaM'grashWataru Takizawa

Axis of Time members

AlenarDamyzHariinLirahnOydiaShiiemVennor SikranTemarelVikeiunnamed D'drauk'k

Other characters

AjurAvelNanietta BaccoBoratusDrashMegumi DulmurForzratGhretchDaisen Hamor (Dennis Harmon) • Jamran HarnothKeliaAlan ManheimPaul ManheimMogonNaadriNijenOjavRanzLouise Cara RaymondRoddaRonarekT'PanVardVard (alternate)Steven Wexler
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Akorem LaanIsaac AsimovChandraShaun Geoffrey ChristopherWang ChunxiSamuel ClemensSonny ClemondsZefram CochraneWesley CrusherKal DanoArne DarvinSkrain DukatAlbert EinsteinEndoraEmory EricksonEris Samuel EstragonSigmund FreudGorkonGuardian of ForeverGuinanVasily HunyadiKesKira NerysMiliani LangfordLantVaacith sh'LesinasAbraham LincolnLee MajorsErika ManheimJenice ManheimFaith MartinezYvette MichaelMonakNogOdoRalph OffenhousePiccoloEsperanza PiñieroQuarkTelek R'MorDarrell RaymondDonald RaymondEddie RaymondJonathan RaymondMary RaymondThomas RaymondBerlinghoff RasmussenRomKhan Noonien SinghSurakGillian TaylorJames ThornhillV'GerH. G. WellsJamshid WhitcombChristopher WrenMin Zife

Starships and vehicles

USS Asimov (Nova-class) • USS Bozeman (Soyuz-class) • USS Brin (runabout) • USS Capitoline (Vesta-class) • Cincinnatus (shuttlecraft) • Deutsch (shuttlecraft) • USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • USS Everett (Nova-class) • in-system courierinterplanetary shuttletimecraftUSS Titan (Luna-class) • tram shuttleVerity (transport) • USS Voyager (Intrepid-class)
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aircarUSS AquariaBetelgeusian argosyUSS AtlasCyrusUSS DefiantEnterprise (NX-01) (NX-class) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • USS Enterprise (Starliner) • ECS HorizonhoverbushovercarKreetassan shipUSS KyushuPhoenixQuark's TreasureUSS Relativityshuttlepodtime podtime travel podtimeshipVorok's battle cruiserVoyager 6


40 Eridani system (Vulcan Science Council Research Station 1) • Aldebaran III (Sadvis) • Alpha QuadrantAxis Hub StationAxis of TimeBeta QuadrantBezorek StationBlack StarDeep Space 4Delta IV (Eternal Love Hospice; Ilia Memorial Spaceport; Yongam Museum, Yongam Island) • DysnomiaEarth (Canary Wharf; Ealing; Greenwich (Feathers PlaceGreenwich ParkOld Royal Naval CollegePark VistaRoyal Observatory), London; River Thames, Great BritainChâteau Thelian, Loire ValleyIndianapolis; San Francisco, North AmericaParis) • Epsilon CetiGalartha SectorGum NebulaKaferiaKuiper BeltLta systemMars (Arsia MonsRobinson Township, Tharsis) • McKinley StationNehru Colony (Indira CityMotilal City) • Nivoch (Norym District) • Pyrellia (Rellon StationRellon Ta) • Rakon IVRakon systemRegulus sectorRegulus systemRisa (Galarthan cavesSiraven Resort) • Sector 006Selakar-Era Axis OutpostSol systemTandar Prime/Rakon II (Kemrel Municipality) • Tandar sectorTau Ceti systemVandor system (Vandor IV) • Warlock StationYeshel Outpost
Referenced only
40 Eridani AAlpha CentauriAnchar sectorAndorBajor sectorBajoran wormholeBeneciaBeta NiobeBolarus IXCambraCamus IICardassiaCarreaCentauri VIICoridan IIIDeep Space 9Delphic ExpanseDelta QuadrantDenobulaDetention Complex 26Devidian system (Devidia II) • Earth (AfricaAsiaFord's TheatreMontanaPalais de la ConcordeRoswell, New MexicoSecaucus, New JerseyStarfleet HeadquartersTiananmen Square) • EndicorEris • (Eridian Vault) • GaiaGolanaHugora NebulaJalbadorKalandra sectorKantareKoaMirror universeNiburon IVNorkanOrishaoutpostP'JemPacificaParaagan IIRegulus ARegulus IIIRegulus VIRhaandarelSagittarius ReachSaturnT'KhutTesniatranswarp hubTyphon ExpanseWolf 359Wolf 1246Vega IXVulcan

Races and cultures

AndorianAndrossiAurelianBenziteBetazoidBolianBoslicCaitianCaratuCardassianCatullanChandirChenarChoblikCygnianD'drauk'kDeltanDraylaxianElaysianFarianFerengiGorormHuman (EgyptianEnglishEuropeanIndianLatinaTerran) • ItheniteKaferianKantareKlingonKreetassanNa'kuhlOcampaPandriliteParaaganRhaandariteRisianRomulanSelakarSeleneanShirnaSiriSulibanTalichTandaranTellariteTrillVomninVorgonVulcanYeshelZakdornZcham
Referenced only
AcamarianAlpha CentaurianArgelianArretian/SargonianAugmentBajoranBetelgeusianBorgBreenCaeliarCarnelianCarreonChangelingDevidianEl-AurianGornHebitian • Human (BritishSpace Boomer) • IconianKinshayaKoasKrenimKy'rhaLudugianMa-aira ThennOrionOrishanPa'haquelPak'shreeProphetQSarpeidonSelkieSentrySheliakShenchorigSphere BuilderTalosianTholianTravelerTrinni/ekTzenkethiXindi

States and organizations

AegisAxis CouncilCarnelian RegnancyChandra Detective AgencyChronological Defense CorpsColloquium of ProgressCommercial Science InstituteDepartment of Temporal InvestigationsDTI AcademyEuropean AllianceFederation News ServiceFederation Science CouncilFederation Temporal AgencyFerengi AllianceKhitomer AccordsKlingon EmpireKlingon Science InstituteKlingon Time Defense AuthorityOrder of OmegaParaagan Science CouncilPlanetary SecurityRegulus Passenger LinesRomulan Star EmpireRomulan Temporal Assessment GroupStarfleetTemporal Displacement DivisionTemporal Integrity CommissionTemporal Oversight AdministrationTyphon PactUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited States of AmericaUniversity of GreenwichVomnin Bureau for Historical Resource DevelopmentVomnin ConfederacyVulcan Science Council
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Arret EmpireBorg CollectiveBreen ConfederacyBritish EmpireBureau of StandardsCardassian UnionCentral CommandClan RuCoridan Engineering InstituteCounter StrikeDetapa CouncilDominionEmpire of OrionFederation CouncilFirst FederationFoundersGorn HegemonyHoly Order of the KinshayaImperial Romulan Institute of ResearchImperial Romulan StateIndiana State UniversityKlingon High CouncilMaquisObsidian OrderOrion SyndicatePike City PioneersProject ChrysalisRegnancy of the Carnelian ThroneRegulus III Science AcademyRegulus ControlSelakar EmpireSheliak CorporateStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersSuliban CabalTalarian RepublicTandaran EmpireTemporal Warfare DivisionTholian AssemblyTholian Chronological Defense CorpsTzenkethi CoalitionVulcan-Andorian EmpireVulcan Science Directorate

Ranks and titles

activistadmiralagentaideambassadorarchaeologistarchitectassassinassistant directorastrophysicistbartenderbureaucratbusinessmancaptaincartographerchief engineerchief medical officerchief of operationschief of staffChief Overseer of the Temporal Oversight Administrationchief science officercolonialcomediancommandercosmetic surgeoncouncillorcounselorcountry musiciancrewmancuratordetectivedictatordiplomatdiplomatic officerDirector of the Department of Temporal Investigationsdissidentdoctorengineerfield agentfirefighterfirst officergeneticistgeophysicistgraduate studentguardHead of Researchhistorianhomemakerinnovatorinspectorinstructorinventorinvestigatorjunior clerklieutenantlieutenant commandermaintenance workermarinermedicnursepetty officerphilosopherphysicistpilotpoetpreacherPresident of the United Federation of Planetsprochronistic travelerprofessorprophetrecord-keeperrecruitrefereeresearcherscholarscience officerscientistSecretary of CommerceSecretary of TechnologySecretary of Transportationsecurity chiefsecurity guardsenior historiansensor technicianShah of Iransnipersoldierspecial agentspecial agent-in-chargespecialistspystatesmansubdirectorsubspace morphologistsubspace physicisttactical officertemporal agentTemporal Cold Warriortemporal investigatortemporal physicisttemporal refugeetemporal researcherterroristtomb raidertradertransporter operatorwardenweapons instructor

Science and classification

alternate realityamplifieransible beaconansible transmissionanti-timeantigrav suitarchaeologyarchitectureartificial intelligenceastronomical unitatmosphereBars gauge symmetrybinary systembiocircuitrybiotemporal regressionblack holebloodbombbrain (parietal lobe) • Casimir EffectCauchy horizoncause and effectcausalitychemistrychromospherechronitonchroniton fieldchroniton signaturechroniton torpedochrono-deflectorchronometerchronometric sensorcirculatory systemclass-8 probeClass-N atmosphereclockColeopteric warp drivecombadgecometary disccomlinkcommunicationscommunicatorcomputercomputer programmingcoolantcosmetic surgerycryogenicscrystal matrixCygnian fluDarwinismdatabasedefense griddeflector arraydeflector shielddepressiondermal regeneratordetector satellitedimensiondisintegratorDNAdwarf planetecliptic planeeigenstateembolismempathyentropyEPS gridEVAEverett equationsevolutionary driftexobiologyfeedback loopFeynman curvegalvano-magnetic clockgenegene therapygeneratorGenesis Wavegeodesicgravimetric distortiongravimetric sensorgravitygravity wellgravity-lensed distortionGuardian of ForeverharmonicHawking radiationheadacheHIchholocommunicatorholodisplayholo-emitterhologramholophotoholoscreenholosuiteholo-systemholovidhydrosphereIconian gatewayimpulse driveindium nucleiinhibitorinjector manifoldinterdimensional riftinterference patterninterphasic riftJovian planetKerr loopKerr singularitykilomalocKoa pyramidKy'rha Artifactslava bubblelaws of probabilitieslidarlightlight-daylightspeed sensorlinear timemacrorealm convergenceManheim EffectManheim EventManheim loopManheim manifoldMany-Worlds theorymemory engrammicrocameramildewmobile emitterMöbius structuremodulating plasma pulsemultidimensional cosmologymultidimensional temporal fieldmultidimensional transporter devicemultiversenanotechnologynavigational deflectorneuronNexusnonlinear quantum physicsnuclear blowtorchnuclear fusionnuclear weaponNullOmega particleOrb of Timeorbital periodorthogonalitypaddparacausal eventparadoxparsecphase discriminatorphase resonancephase-shieldphaserpheromonephysicsplasma injectorpolaritypolarizationpredestination paradoxprochronistic incursionpropagation rateprotomatterprotoplaserpsionic amplifierpsychologypulsequantum ansible effectquantum antibodies effectquantum black holequantum collapsequantum convergencequantum entanglementquantum fissurequantum fluxquantum gravityquantum historyquantum information theoryquantum lockquantum mergingquantum palimpsestquantum phase inhibitorquantum physicsquantum resonancequantum slipstream drivequantum stabilizer fieldquantum superpositionquantum temporal physicsquantum theoryquantum-tunnelquantum variationquantum wave equationquantum wormholeradiationRed Orbs of Jalbadorred starreplicatorretrocausal influenceretrocausally generated historysatellitescannersensorsensor arrayservoShanial CabochonShepherd Gate Clockshieldshort-range probesingularityslingshot effectsonic showerspacetimespacetime warpspectrumspontaneous quantum divergencestarstasis devicesubatomic particlesubspacesubspace communicationsubspace entanglementsubspace fissuresubspace fracturesubspace pulsesubspace radiosupernovatachyon fieldtachyon resonance signaturetelepathytemporal defense gridtemporal displacementtemporal displacement metrictemporal displacement vortextemporal disruptortemporal distortiontemporal drivetemporal incursiontemporal limbotemporal narcosistemporal physicstemporal psychosistemporal rifttemporal stasistemporal theorytemporal transportertemporal tricorderterminatorthrustertidal forcetimetime dilationtime dilation fieldtime perceptortime portaltime traveltimeframetimelineTipler spacetimeTox Uthattrack-jumpertransdimensional chroniton vortextransportertransporter emittertricorderTurtledove anomalytype 3 singularitytype 4 singularityuniversal wave equationuniversal wavefunctionverteronvortexwarning buoywarp corewarp drivewarp reactorWeinberg-Polchinski entanglementwhite dwarfX-ray flare

Materials and substances


Plants and life-forms

Aldebaran shellmouthaloeapebulldogcatcosmozoancrustaceancyborgdeerfernfruitherbivorehominidhumanoidlemurMegaptera novaeangliaeostrichshapeshifterstrawberrytribbleVulcanoid

Time and events

1893194719681969197420632121214121442151215221532154216122582266226722702291230523422351237623792404250027741990s2150s2320s2400s2770s2.8 million BCE74th century BCE6th millennium BCE17th century20th century21st century22nd century25th century27th century28th century29th century31st century36th centuryAdarAgrahayanaAfter RebirthThe AftermathAndorian calendarAnnée DXC de la RepubliqueAnno HegiraeAnno MundiAnno PeriscoAnthropocene epochAugustBattle of Wolf 359BlitzBoomtimeBorg Invasion of 2381BregetBureaucracyCabanCalabrian ageCardassian calendarChaosChicchanChinese New YeardayDay of ReleaseDay of SharingdecadeDecemberDeltan calendarDiscordian calendarDominion WarEarth-Romulan Waret'KhiorEugenics WarsFederation-Cardassian WarFesoan Lor'veln YearFirst contactFrench Republican calendarFrimairefutureGreat Psionic WarGreenwich Mean TimeGregorian calendarHaabHebrew calendarHouse of the HeartIndian National calendarIonian AgeIslamic calendarJanuaryJulian calendarJulyK'ri'liorKankinKanyaKartikaKhordadKlingon Imperial calendarKyushu incidentLate SeasonMacMarchMartian Darian calendarMayan calendarMenMiddle SeasonminuteNew YearNinthmoonNorkan MassacreNovemberOctoberOrishan tesseract incidentpastPiacenzian agePleistocene epochPliocene epochPrickle-PricklePungendayr'tasRabī al-AwwalRasmussen affairRisan calendarRomulan calendarSaka eraSaturdaySeason of the Inner EyesecondSecond Romulan WarSetting OrangeSolar Hejri calendarstardateSundayT'lakhtt'vedTandaran calendarTarantian ageTemporal Cold WarThursdayTigellan chronic hysteresisTuesdayTzolkinUnity eraVienVirgoVomnin calendarVulcan calendarWeek of LaughterWorld War IIWorld War IIIXan'lahrXia calendarXindi crisisyearYear of ConsolidationYear of KahlessYear of Our Lady of DiscordYear of ShiKahrYear of the Water TigerZhēngyué

Other references

albumanti-imperialismanti-vivisectionismassassinationaway teambackground checkbankruptcybaseballBatmanBayer designationBewitchedBindibridgebureaucracyCalifornia lowball pokercanteencavernchakraclothingcoffeecoinconcentration campCoup d'étatculture shockThe Dead Pastdéjà vueateryThe End of Eternityequal rightsespionageextinctionfashion designFederation-Cardassian Armistice of 2367first contactfloodgatefoot-bindinggeological assay reportgin rummyGordian knotgrottohistoryhoneymoonhotelimport shopThe Invadersinvestment marketjamaharonjumpsuitkaftanThe Light of Other DaysLissepian LotteryLost in Spacemeditationmedkitmind meldmonasterymoneymugmuralnecrophiliaoath of celibacyOfficial Secrets Actorgypicturepiracypokerpolice statePrime DirectivePrime Meridianpuritanismquartersracismrecordred alertrefresherrefugee convoyRegulan flagriotrobeRoladan wild drawRoman numeralssculptureserfdomsexualitySimperian civetslippersmiddle classsocial justicespaceportspecies profilingStarfleet uniform (2373-2386)Starfleet uniform (29th century)suicideTemporal AccordsTemporal Prime DirectiveTerellian keyboardterra cotta potterrorismThird WorldTipler slingshot maneuvertreatyTruth or DareTV GuideVictorian housevoyeurismwarwaterweddingyarn
Food and drink
apple danishbourbonOngilian caviarorange juicepastrysausagewafflewhole grainyogurt



An early cover for Watching the Clock.

  • The book was first announced by the author in March 2010 with the working title Star Trek: DTI.[1] The full title was announced in Star Trek Magazine #154; Bennett elaborated on his blog that he considered Star Trek: DTI on its own too vague and giving the full title Star Trek DTI: Department of Temporal Investigations - Watching the Clock too unwieldy, so he went with the acronym and subtitle combination as comfortable compromise.[2] Despite that, the first cover released for the book did indeed sport the expanded title Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations - Watching the Clock.[3]
  • Bennett's aims with the novel included generating a unified theory to explain the various ways time travel has been portrayed in Star Trek. To that end, he researched every instance of time travel in Star Trek and the use of time travel in other fiction.[4]
  • The characters of Zane, Cohen, and Siemaszko are named for Billy Zane, J.J. Cohen, and Casey Siemaszko, the actors who played Biff's gang in the Back to the Future films.
  • At one point, Daniels angrily confronts Jamran Harnoth about the latter's 25th century experiments with Omega molecules, saying that they caused a chain reaction that tore the Federation in half, sparked a war with the Romulan Star Empire, and left much of the quadrant inaccessible to warp drive. This is a reference to a never-produced new animated series, Star Trek: Final Frontier, which depicts this very occurrence. Daniels further says that this timeline was "isolated", presumably erasing it from history.



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