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|{{Cent|[[Mack Chater]] & [[Sandra Lanz]]}}
|{{Cent|[[Mack Chater]] & [[Sandra Lanz]]}}
|{{Cent|28 September 2016}}
|{{Cent|28 September 2016}}
|{{cent|[[File:Waypoint -1.jpg|75px]]}}
| [[Waypoint, Issue 2|Issue 2]]
| [[Waypoint, Issue 2|Issue 2]]

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Star Trek: Waypoint is a bi-monthly comic series by IDW Publishing that takes place in both The Original Series and The Next Generation era in honor of Star Trek's 50th anniversary.


To celebrate the franchise's 50th anniversary, a brand new series will not only finally return to Trek's original universe, but chronicle new adventures from all of its various eras.
Star Trek: Waypoint will be a bi-monthly anthology series that brings together a team of rotating artists and writers to tell new short stories across the vast Star Trek pantheon. The first issue begins with tales set in the Next Generation and during the original series, with Data and Geordi La Forge on the hunt for a shocking scientific discovery in a story by Donny Cates and Mack Chater, followed by Lieutenant Uhura stranded and struggling to survive on an uninhabited planet courtesy of writer/artist Sandra Lanz.


number writer(s) artist(s) published cover(s)
Issue 1
Donny Cates & Sandra Lanz
Mack Chater & Sandra Lanz
28 September 2016
Waypoint -1
Issue 2
Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore & Sam Maggs
Gordon Purcell & Rachael Stott
November 2016
ST Waypoint 2

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