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"Welcome to Earth Spacedock" is a Federation mission in Star Trek Online and part of the "Klingon War" episode.

The mission was formerly part of the tutorial episode "Tour of Duty", but was remastered and moved to "Klingon War" by Season 8: The Sphere on 12 November 2013.

Publisher's description[]

Mission text
Welcome to Earth Spacedock!
Meet with Admiral Quinn for new orders. You're on the command track!


Upon arrival in the Sol System the Khitomer Emergency Medical Hologram says good-by, returning to his own duties. Earth Spacedock Operations is hailing the ship and explaining docking procedures.

Once the ship has docked, the player beams over to the lobby of Earth Spacedock. Directly in front lies the turbolift to Admiral Quinn's office. There, the Admiral gives the player a battlefield commission to permanently captain the ship. He suggests the player to visit Dirz Raxx for a retrofit of the vessel.



Jorel Quinn

Starships and vehicles[]

Earth SpacedockUSS BerkeleyUSS HorizonUSS Redoubt

Races and cultures[]


Science and technology[]

Emergency Medical Hologram

Ranks and titles[]


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