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For other uses, see Wells.
For the mirror universe counterpart, see Mobius-class.

The Wells class was a type of Federation science vessel timeship/starship in Starfleet service from the 25th century. Originally launched in the 29th century, Starfleet acquired several of these anachronistic vessels from the Lobi Crystal Consortium in the 2410s decade. As tier 5 starship the Wells-class timeship required a commanding officer ranked rear admiral, lower half or higher in the 25th century, whereas a captain sufficed centuries later. The class was named after science fiction author H.G. Wells. (VOY episode: "Relativity", STO video game: Delta Rising, ST reference: The Official Starships Collection #59)

The Last Unicorn RPG module: All Our Yesterdays: The Time Travel Sourcebook refers to this as a Polarity-class vessel.

History and specifications


Temporal geometry contours on Federation timeships

The Wells-class timeship was launched at some point in the 29th century. It was arrowhead-shaped and contained the starship components familiar from Starfleet starships of the 24th century but in a more compact and advanced arrangement. The hull had been specifically designed for time travel and featured carefully crafted temporal geometry contours. This design enabled the Wells class to protect the timeline. Although their mission was peaceful, vessels of the class were equipped with weapons. The bridge was located on top of the primary hull. (ST reference: The Official Starships Collection #59)

The USS Relativity circa 2862.

The Wells-class starship USS Relativity had been commissioned at the University of Copernicus by the Temporal Integrity Commission, as signified on the Relativity's dedication plaque. (VOY episode: "Relativity")

The physical arrangement was the same on its mirror universe counterpart, the Mobius-class temporal destroyer, except for a less-forked main disruptor at the bow of the ship. This tip made the Wells class slightly longer than its Terran Empire counterpart. (STO video game: Delta Rising)


In the 25th century, the design of the Wells-class science vessel allowed its commanding officer to choose from different designs of livery, which could be modified further at starbases. The basic options were designated Type 1-5, Upgrade and Veteran. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Furthermore, the installation of deflector shields from specific factions modified the hull appearance, including shields from the Reman Resistance, the Breen Confederacy and the Dominion. (STO missions: "Coliseum", "Cold Storage", "Boldly They Rode")

Additional hull options became available if the ship's commanding officer had access to an Epoch-class timeship shuttle, and the Mobius-class temporal destroyer from the mirror universe of the 29th century. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Weapons and systems

In the 2410s decade, the temporal science vessel featured three forward and rear facing weapon slots, respectively. Starfleet acquired Wells-class starships from the Tholian Assembly via the Lobi Crystal Consortium. Because the Tholians had stripped these ships off their advanced technologies, Starfleet equipped them with mark X phaser arrays and chroniton torpedo launchers. Ships claimed from the Consortium through their Temporal lock box, the phasers were replaced with antiproton beam arrays. As a science vessel, this ship could not carry cannons. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Welcoming the Federation", STO video game: Delta Rising)

Additional systems included the starship mastery levels, and the Tipler cylinder console. This console could be equipped on any timeship. When activated, it rewinded time by 13 seconds. When the ship was upgraded from tier 5 to tier 5-U, the crew's mastery of the ship would improve by level and enhance its systems. Systems developed when mastering the vessel included enhanced particle generators - used to deal exotic damage; advanced shield systems and reactive shield technology for more resilient deflector shields, and enhanced restorative circuitry which sped up starship regeneration from combat damage. (STO video game: New Dawn)

In the 29th century, the USS Relativity was equipped with disruptors, with the main disruptor positioned at the bow. The USS Pastak's energy weapons were antiproton-based, however. (ST reference: The Official Starships Collection #59, STO missions: "Temporal Ambassador", "Stormbound", "Time and Tide")

Wells-class timeships were equipped with powerful sensors capable of scanning the spacetime continuum to protect the timeline against temporal incursions. If one was detected, an undercover agent could be sent, or the ship would interfere directly. (VOY episode: "Relativity", ST reference: The Official Starships Collection #59, STO missions: "Temporal Ambassador", "Stormbound")

In the 29th century, ships of the class featured powerful temporal transporters on the bridge. These were capable of beaming a person to and from specific points in time, down to the microsecond, and across vast interstellar distances. The holomatrix was the equivalent of the holodeck. TCARS superseded the LCARS operating system and could be operated by waving a hand across it. (VOY episode: "Relativity", ST reference: The Official Starships Collection #59)

In the 25th century, Wells-class ships were equipped with standard Federation shuttlecraft, or any other the commanding officer had access to. Starfleet timeships of the 29th century were normally equipped with Epoch-class timeships. The Paradox-class temporal dreadnought carried two hangars of these. (STO video games: Delta Rising, New Dawn)


The USS Wells-A in combat

The Wells-class temporal science vessel was a warp-capable ship. When serving in the Federation, the science vessel gained access to the galactic transwarp network and quantum slipstream drive. In interstellar space, the standard cruising speed amounted to a warp factor of at least 9.9. (STO video game: Delta Rising)

A matter intake on top of the secondary hull fueled the warp and impulse engines. It was situated behind the temporal warp core. The temporal warp core enabled the vessel to travel through time, and allowed to bring other ships along for the ride. (ST reference: The Official Starships Collection #59, STO - Future Proof missions: "Stormbound", "Time and Tide")


A Wells-class temporal science vessel was crewed by 250 officers. (STO video game: Delta Rising)

The commanding officer had their own desk on the bridge, and two operations stations faced the viewscreen. (VOY episode: "Relativity")

In the 25th century, the senior staff included the commanding officer, ranked rear admiral or higher, and five more bridge officers: one science officer ranked commander, one lieutenant commander of the engineering department, two lieutenants - one science officer and one of any department, and a tactical officer ensign. (STO video game: Delta Rising)

The personnel also included cybernetically enhanced, drugged shock troops. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)


The Wells-class timeship was first commissioned in the 29th century by the Temporal Integrity Commission, a department of Federation Starfleet. (ST reference: The Official Starships Collection #59)

Relativity meets Excalibur.

The USS Relativity traveled back in time to the year 2373 to stop Captain Mackenzie Calhoun from using time travel to save the planet Haresh. The Relativity was shooed away by an Enevian starship from the far future, allowing Calhoun to save Haresh. (NF comic: "Double Time")

The Relativity recruited Seven of Nine from the year 2375 to prevent the destruction of her ship, the USS Voyager. An uptime version of Captain Braxton was found responsible. Lieutenant Juel Ducane, who assumed command of the Relativity, allowed Seven of Nine and her captain, Kathryn Janeway, to retain their memories of the temporal incursion. (VOY episode: "Relativity")

Details about the ship were classified by 24th century Starfleet but explained their intent on capturing ships of the class from the Tholian Assembly in 2410. (STO video game: Delta Rising [Temporal Lock Box])

Pastak meets Enterprise-C.

In a timeline where the USS Enterprise-C traveled from 2344 to 2366 and finally 2409, the USS Pastak destroyed a Tarantula-class dreadnought to help the Enterprise escape from the Tholians and return to the year 2344, thus correcting this "aberrant" timeline. (STO - Legacy of Romulus mission: "Temporal Ambassador")

The Pastak traveled to Na'kuhl Prime in 2410 to ensure the proper chain of cause and effect that led to the loss of the Tox Uthat, the death of Kal Dano, and the destruction of the Na'kuhl's home star. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Stormbound")

The USS Tempus in 2883.

Later that year, the Pastak brought the ship of a representative of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance from 2410 to 2769 to witness the signing of the Temporal Accords, as the AQA now became a time-travel capable civilization. The signing was interrupted by rogue Krenim Imperium forced and Na'kuhl protesters. The Pastak engaged the KIV Annorax in 2769 and 2410, but the rogue temporal dreadnought escaped. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Time and Tide")

In the 31st century, the Janeway detected the temporally displaced Daemosh-class starship NV Salvation at Na'kuhl. Captain Gubret contacted the Salvation, and welcomed Leader Tarnh and his crew home. (STO website: No Profit But The Name)

WARNING! This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the recently released episode That Hope Is You, Part 1. Caution is advised.

Following the conclusion of the temporal wars, time travel was outlawed and relevant technology destroyed. (DSC episode: "That Hope Is You, Part 1")


Known vessels

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