Wen was a male Breen officer in the early 25th century. In 2409, Wen served in the Breen Militia with the rank of thot. (STO - Breen Invasion mission: "Out in the Cold")


In 2409, Thot Wen led the Breen Confederacy assault on Defera, attacking the visitor compound and the nearby Preserver archaeological excavation dig in the search for clues of the location of a Preserver library. An Allied away team visiting Defera was attacked by Wen's troops as well and proceeded to clear the area of Breen and defending the helpless Deferi. Thot Wen made a final stand on the Preserver pyramid, summoning h'rens to his aid. Wen taunted them about the Federation Alliance's losses in the Dominion War before he was killed by the Allies. (STO - Breen Invasion mission: "Cold Call")

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