Wendy Roper was a female human born in 2329. She began living on Betazed in 2356 when she came to live with her father, Mark Roper who was the head of the Federation Embassy on Betazed at the time.

Wendy was a sociologist who liked New Age music. Her mother had died a few years before 2359 when Lieutenant William T. Riker arrived on Betazed. She was immediately attracted to him and flirted overtly in an attempt to begin a relationship. The first evening that Riker was on Betazed, he took Mark Roper's place and with Wendy, attended the wedding of Chandra Xerx. Riker was unaware at the time that it was customary for all of the guests at the wedding to attend in the nude. It was at this wedding that he first met Deanna Troi.

Several weeks later after Riker rescued Deanna from Sindareen raiders and Troi had told Riker they could never have a relationship, he got drunk at the embassy and Wendy came to talk to him and ended up sleeping with him. Later that night Deanna came to apologize to Riker and found them in bed together. The next day Riker found out that the USS Hood had finished undergoing repairs and he would be leaving Betazed within 24 hours.

Although she told Riker that she did not intend to stay on Betazed, about two years after Riker left, Wendy married a Betazoid teacher and changed her name to Wendy Berq.

In the alternate future created by the death of Deanna Troi, Wendy Berq was present at Troi's funeral and was still living with her husband on Betazed in 2408 when Admiral Riker came to visit at the request of Lwaxana Troi. Wendy traveled with Riker, as well as Captain Wesley Crusher to the Troi home to visit Lwaxana in order to lend support to Riker. (TNG novel: Imzadi)

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