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Werewolf killing a security officer in 2269.

A werewolf is a creature in Human mythology. According to legend, a person would turn into a wolf-like creature whenever the moon was full.


In 2267, James T. Kirk thought some of the Furies aboard the Rath resembled werewolves. (TOS novel: First Strike)

In 2269, a werewolf killed USS Enterprise Ensign Alonzo and was then disintegrated with a phaser by Captain James T. Kirk. The animal had been created in a genetic engineering lab on The Strand by Doctor Othello Beck, who lamented that he'd failed to keep the animal's predatory urges in check. (TOS - Year Four comic: "Issue 1")

Image of a werewolf.

In 2273, an apparition of a werewolf appeared in front of Engineer Cyron Williams and his girlfriend Lydia. Williams threw a bottle of Saurian brandy at it, and it disappeared. Reports of ghosts and other creatures were subsequently sighted aboard the Enterprise, including Dracula and the Frankenstein monster. (TOS comic: "The Haunting of Thallus!")

In the summer of 2365, Jake Sisko applied makeup to make himself look like a werewolf. (DS9 - Worlds of Deep Space Nine novella: Bajor: Fragments and Omens)

In 2369, Samuel Clemens thought Worf was a werewolf. (TNG episode: "Time's Arrow, Part II")

The werewolf legend was the basis of a number of movies created in the 20th century. Lieutenant T'Ryssa Chen was familiar with these films, and referenced The Wolf Man in a dream she had about a Borg attack in 2380. (TNG novel: Greater Than the Sum)