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Detective Chizum, a San Francisco Police officer, receives a call about a missing woman from a concerned neighbor. Upon investigation, he finds that the missing woman is none other than marine biologist Gillian Taylor. He investigates her boss, who tells her there was an altercation which caused her to run off, and from there the search is on.

Chizum's investigation continues, only to find that she is connected with a group of strange people who kidnap military prisoners from hospitals and fly around in an invisible ship... and according to a waiter at a pizza restaurant, they are from the future.

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BrickmanBob BriggsChizumChuckFrankHarryJasonJoeKolovskyRogersonSchimmerman
Referenced only
Pavel A. ChekovAlbert EinsteinGeorge and GraciePatty HearstJames T. KirkD.H. LawrenceMikeBuck RogersSpockMrs. TaylorGillian Taylor

Starships and vehicles

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HMS BountyUSS Enterprisehelicopter


Irving StreetGolden Gate ParkSan FranciscoSausalito
Referenced only
AlaskaBerkeley, CaliforniaBermuda TriangleRoswell

Races and cultures

Human (Russian)
Referenced only

States and organizations

ChevyDMVMaritime Cetacean InstituteNorth Bay PizzaSan Francisco Police Department
Referenced only
Federal Bureau of InvestigationInterpolMercy HospitalStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited States Navy

Ranks and titles


Other references

ashtraycancercheckbookcigarettecoffeeCokeglobal warmingHershey barLSDMichelobMillerpagerpickuppizzaradiationrefrigeratorsaccharinStyrofoamtelevisiontomatoWhales Weep Not!




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