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"What Are Little Girls Made Of?" was the 9th episode of Star Trek: The Original Series in the show's first season, aired on 20 October 1966. The episode was written by Robert Bloch, directed by James Goldstone and novelized in Star Trek 11 by James Blish.



Episode characters

Robert AbramsAndreaAaron BrownChristine ChapelJames T. KirkJames T. Kirk (android)Roger KorbyRyan LeslieEthan MatthewsEdward RayburnRukSpockNyota UhuraUSS Enterprise personnel (unnamed 2260s USS Enterprise personnel)
Referenced only
Julius CaesarAsahf FerrisAdolf HitlerGenghis KhanGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.Bernard MaltuvisLouis Pasteur

Novelization characters

AndreaAaron BrownChristine ChapelJames T. KirkJames T. Kirk (android)Roger KorbyEthan MatthewsEdward RayburnRukSpockNyota Uhura
Referenced only
George Samuel Kirk, Jr.

A&BC trading card characters

AndreaBrownCorbyChristine ChapelRoger KirkRockSpock

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


Referenced only
Earth Colony IIEarthMidos VMilky Way GalaxyOrion

Races and cultures

Referenced only
Old Ones

States and organizations

Starfleet Academy

Other references

500,000 years ago22612265android duplicatorarchaeological medicineautonomic nervous systembio-researchcaverncolonycommand packetcortex circuitgeishalogicsecurity officersecurity team


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Episode images

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