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The Dominion, having occupied a world close to Federation space, Illarh, use it as a staging ground for the war effort. The Vorta in charge of the occupation force, Sejeel, keeps one of the natives as his personal servent. This servant, Draz, oftens shares his vivid dreams with Sejeel, who as a Vorta is incapable of dreaming and finds the stories entertaining. On a particular morning Draz begins telling Sejeel of a dream he had where he wasn't an Illarhi and a force opposed and defeated the Vorta and Jem'Hadar on Illarhi. Sejeel soon realizes the dream isn't a dream at all, as Draz is actually Gilaad Ben Zoma a Starfleet operative. At the conclusion of the story, Ben Zoma signals Jean-Luc Picard in orbit to tell him the planet has been retaken.



Baraj'aranDraz/Gilaad Ben ZomaJean-Luc PicardSejeel

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aderrjaDominion Warogliila eggsPrime Directive



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