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It started as a routine patrol for the crew of the Chandley Class USS Niwen. For weeks, the vessel had been picking up only normal subspace radio traffic along the patrol route near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Then came the distress signal from within the zone. Help was needed because the senders said that they had less than 24 hours remaining in their life-support system. If the Niwen pushed its limits of warp speed, they might make it in time -- maybe.


A FASA RPG adventure module follows the crew of the Chandley-class frigate USS Niwen on a mission to rescue survivors of a secret military intelligence installation in the Romulan Neutral Zone, set in the late TOS movie era.

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Starships and vehicles[]

USS Niwen (Chandley-class frigate) • shuttlecraft


Romulan Neutral Zone

States and organizations[]

StarfleetStarfleet Marine Corps

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Ranks and titles[]

commodorecorporalengineerensignhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant junior gradeofficerprivatesecurity officersublieutenanttransporter chief

Science and technology[]

computerenvironmental suitsensorstarshiptransporterVulcanoidzero gravity

Other references[]

distress callrankstardatetechnology