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Doctor Ethan Bostock and his pregnant wife, Counsellor Nancy Weller, are aboard the USS Prometheus when it is attacked by the Romulans. With most of the crew quickly killed, they manage to survive by generating holographic bodies of themselves in Sickbay and using an experimental compound to make their lifesigns appear Romulan.

They meet up with the communications officer, Stephen Scholte, who has evaded the Romulans with the same compound. He comes up with an idea to hide a communication to Starfleet in the Romulans' transmissions while also sending a message to a relay station in the Delta Quadrant. The transmissions are sent but the Romulans kill Scholte and Weller and mortally wound Bostock. He lives long enough to give a simple explanation to the Doctor when he arrives on board the ship.



Ethan BostockThe DoctorRekarStephen SholtesNancy Weller
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Beverly CrusherPierce


Alpha Quadrant
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Delta Quadrant

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USS Prometheus (Prometheus-class)
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USS Enterprise

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StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
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Emergency Medical HologramJefferies tubemulti-vector assault modepregnancy


  • "Who Cries for Prometheus?" takes place before and during "Message in a Bottle".
  • Doctor Bostock was intended to be the dying officer who the Doctor discovers in "Message in a Bottle", although in the episode the character is wearing the gold uniform of the security/engineering division.


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