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Wild Card is the third of six TOS stories by William Rotsler in the young adult anthology Star Trek II Short Stories. The stories depict events in 2277 during Captain Kirk's second five-year mission aboard the refurbished USS Enterprise. In this story, the crew were overcome by a contagious lifeform.


In "Wild Card" an unknown enemy threatens the very existence of the Enterprise and its crew.


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Linda ChangPavel ChekovGallowayGlaserJames T. KirkLanghorneRyan LeslieLeonard McCoyLex NakashimaMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhura
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Charles DarwinDavisFriedmanCharles JacksonMerlinoPearsonAlfred Wallace

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)
Starship classifications
scout shipshuttlecraft


Marris V
Referenced only
Automate-66AxanarEarth (Galápagos IslandsSouth America) • Milky Way GalaxyOmicron ThetaPsi Nu Alpha/St. SebastianRigel III
Shipboard locations
airlockbridgecaptain's quarterscrew quarters (Spock's) • sickbayturbolift

Races and cultures

Human (Russian) • Vulcan
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States and organizations

FederationSisters of the Sacred HeartStarfleetUniversity of South Wales

Science and technology

blood analyzer unitcamerachronometercommunicatorcomputercoordinatesdecontamination tubediagnostic tablehatchhyposprayintercomlaboratorylibrary computermicroscopeMorpheus-Nineoceanprotection suitphaserrobotself destruct systemsonic showerstarstomachsubwarp messagetransportertricorderventilation system

Areas of study

biochemistrybotanyecologyentomologyethnologyevolutionparallel evolutionxenobiologyzoology

Materials and substances


Ranks and titles

admiralchief engineercolonistcommanderlieutenantlieutenant commandermidshipmannavigatoryeoman

Other references

bacteriabatberrybinary starcellCenozoic Eracolonycowdogdorffishflowergalaxyheadachehourinsection stormlogicmammalmedievalmonasterymutinyThe New England Journal of Medicineorange dwarfphytoplanktonplagueplantquarantinesecondstarstuntrade routeTriacus pod wineUltra Purple codeultraviolet rayuniformvirusVulcan nerve pinchWarp Stresses in Real Timeyearyellow starzombie



Related stories

  • TOS - Year Four comic: "Issue 3" – In 2269, the Enterprise crew were infected by the Ur, leaving Kirk and Chapel to be infected last.
  • TOS comic: "Taking Shape" – In 2277, body-duplicating Manarkites replaced most of the crew of the Enterprise before they were caught.


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