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The Wildfire device was a prototype Starfleet warhead, designed to ignite gas-giant planets into stars using a protomatter detonation.

The Wildfire device was to have been tested at Galvan VI in 2376, by a team of Starfleet Corps of Engineers technicians aboard the USS Orion. That ship was crushed within the planet's atmosphere before the device was deployed. The USS da Vinci was then dispatched to deactivate and recover the device. During this mission, it was discovered that Galvan VI was home to energy beings known as Ovanim. The Wildfire device was deactivated by Lieutenant Commander Kieran Duffy, and returned to the da Vinci by the Ovanim. (SCE eBooks: Wildfire, Book 1, Wildfire, Book 2)

Months later, an advanced computer superworm which had assumed the identity of Commander Sonya Gomez cited Starfleet's creation of the Wildfire device, which it characterized as a weapon, as a key reason "Gomez" decided to turn against the Federation. (SCE eBook: Identity Crisis)

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