Technician Will Kayden was a male Human crewman aboard the USS Rutledge under the command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell in the 24th century. Affectionately known as "Stompie," Kayden was fond of entertaining his fellow crewmen with Celtic harp playing and Irish folk songs, particularly The Minstrel Boy, which was especially enjoyed by Captain Maxwell and Miles O'Brien.

Kayden was described as a tall, freckled young man with a slight build, orange hair, and a wide grin. He felt a kinship with O'Brien due to their Irish descent and shared a loyal friendship with the elder crewman.

He was among Captain Maxwell's handpicked team to rescue survivors during the Setlik III Massacre. Kayden was killed by Cardassian forces as he and O'Brien attempted to save a number of civilians.

Miles O'Brien would recall Will and his music fondly when the USS Enterprise-D was dispatched to investigate the destruction of Cardassian transport ships by the USS Phoenix, commanded by his former captain, Benjamin Maxwell. (TNG episode: "The Wounded", DS9 novelization: Emissary)



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