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"Will You Take My Hand?" was the 15th episode of Star Trek: Discovery in the show's first season, first aired 11 February 2018.



AiriamR.A. BryceMichael BurnhamKatrina CornwellDennasKeyla DetmerEr'ToomGorchAmanda GraysonPhilippa Georgiou (mirror)L'RellJoann OwosekunGen RhysSarekSaruShavaShavoShukarPaul StametsSylvia TillyAsh Tyler (Klingon)UjilliUSS Discovery computerunnamed Orionsunnamed USS Discovery personnel (USS Discovery personnel) • unnamed Starfleet personnel (23rd century Starfleet personnel)
Referenced only
Michael Burnham (mirror)Hugh CulberPhilippa GeorgiouGabriel LorcaMolorChristopher PikeSylvia TillyVoq

Starships and vehicles

USS Discovery (Crossfield-class science vessel) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets


ParisEarthEarth Spacedock (Spacedock type space station) • Qo'noSSol system
Referenced only
Mintaka IIIVulcan

Science and classification

Technology and weapons

hydrobombspore drivestarshipwarp driveweapon

Materials and substances




Ranks and titles

acting captaincommanderlieutenantlieutenant commandermedical officerscience officerTerran Emperor

Other references

atmosphereblack alertbootclothinggovernmenthumanoidjacketlifeformmatternation-statepantsraces and culturesrankStarfleet Medal of Honorspacetechnologytimetitletunicuniformuniverse



This episode is the finale of DSC season 1.



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