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William Bligh (9 September 1754 – 7 December 1817) was a 18th century Human, a naval commanding officer and politician.


He was famous for his habit to berate crewmembers of lower station and rank for minor infractions. On a cutter vessel where he was the only officer, the enlisted crew rose up in mutiny and put him off the ship.


With his name commonly used to refer to any officer who would viciously scold those of lower rank, Captain Bligh is remembered as an elitist disciplinarian. In the 23rd century, it was noted that Engineer E. Gates considered Captain Ian Vellacora to be "a strutting Captain Bligh" in terms of Vellacora's tendency aboard the Federation starship USS Arkadelphia to somewhat randomly apply discipline to his Starfleet enlisted crew. (FASA RPG module: Decision at Midnight)

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