Win lorin Ren was a male Tellarite trader in the mid 24th century, part of a trading network which reached across the entire Alpha Quadrant. From the 2350s through the 2370s, he worked in a sector of Federation space near the Talarian and Cardassian borders, dealing primarily in spices and foodstuffs. Alpha-currant nectar was one of his most popular items.

Ren visited Starbase Deep Space 10 several times following its construction in 2376. In multiple cases, these visits coincided with instances of suspected sabotage on the station, and in mid 2377, he was questioned by station chief of security Commander Fesoan, assisted by Lieutenant Commanders Domenica Corsi and Mor glasch Tev of the USS da Vinci. He was eventually cleared of suspicion. (CoE eBook: Troubleshooting)

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