The Wisdom was an Alliance vessel under the command of Commander Varkan in the alternate timeline where Montgomery Scott rescued James T. Kirk before he could be absorbed into the Nexus.

In 2293, former Councilman Zarcot convinced the Council that no one could lead the Alliance without observing the Vortex, and Supreme Arbiter of the Alliance Sarek was ferried aboard the Wisdom to personally do so. In order for him to technically complete his task, he observed the Vortex for several minutes before ordering Varkan to return to Alliance Prime, disappointing the Commander that his role as the Arbiter's transport was coming to an end earlier than expected. Before their departure, the scientist Kasok, whom Sarek had personally chosen to the observation team on Alliance Outpost Number 3, contacted the Wisdom and requested they investigate a mysterious vessel that had appeared near the anomaly. The Wisdom intercepted the vessel, the shuttlecraft Goddard, carrying the time-displaced Scott and the rescued Kirk. When Scott recognized Sarek, the Vulcan cut communication and ordered Varkan to beam the two to Interrogation. The Narisian communications officer, Balitor, also noted the mysterious Terrans and eagerly awaited going off-duty to activate his link and inform the Wise Ones.

The Wisdom was hailed by a lifepod, containing Zarcot, who claimed malfunction and requested being beamed aboard so that the Arbiter would lower the Wisdom's shields, allowing a cloaked Cardassian vessel to attack it; Kirk and Scott aboard the Goddard were able to see the cloaked ship and warned Sarek before the attack was successful, and Zarcot was held for later questioning. Kirk and Scott were again invited aboard the Wisdom, this time as guests. Sarek later spoke with Commander Tal aboard the D'Zidran, who had met the USS Enterprise-D which had followed Scott back in time, and agreed to bring the two Terrans to rendezvous with the Enterprise. When they arrived, Sarek and the others were beamed aboard where Captain Jean-Luc Picard warned Sarek that a Borg spy was among the crew - Balitor - and they could uncover it without also revealing their knowledge. The spy was dealt with, but the Borg were now aware of Picard, and the Borg Queen remembered him as Locutus of Borg and moved to destroy him. Originally, when a Borg cube went to intercept the Enterprise, Sarek suggested they simply not flee, but Kirk spurred Picard into action. Sarek utilized an ultrasecret network of interphase cloaked photon torpedoes from the Wisdom to destroy one cube, and then ordered his loyal fleet on a suicide run against a phalanx of Borg cubes, perishing in the engagement as the Wisdom was destroyed. (Star Trek novel: Engines of Destiny)

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